Can You Motorize Existing Curtains?

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Because traditional curtains require manual effort and time for their operation, motorized window curtains have replaced them, thanks to their convenient operational measures. Everyone is installing remote control curtains for convenience and trendy style requirements. Changing the entire curtains of a building is costly and time-consuming, so people nowadays ask if they can motorize their existing window curtains or not.

The main thing to know is the only difference between a motorized window covering and a traditional curtain is that motorized ones do not need manual effort and can be operated through a mechanical method. And yes, you can convert your traditional window dressings to motorized ones, and ahead are a few easy ways mentioned in this article. You just need a kit to turn your regular curtains into automatic ones.

How To Convert Your Traditional Window Coverings To Motorized Window Curtains?

Traditional window curtains are outdated, the modern interior demands window styling with motorized types of curtains. They offer maximum ease by minimizing human efforts and help in enhancing the interior appearance with a classy modern touch. Transforming your traditional curtains into motorized ones is not tricky, you can follow our helpful instructions on how a traditional window covering can be converted into a smart one. Carefully observe the points that are mentioned below to clarify motor installation methods.

How To Install A Ceiling Motor In Your Curtain’s Hardware?

How To Install A Ceiling Motor In Your Curtain’s Hardware

It’s a better idea to get the entire kit to quickly turn your regular curtains into motorized ones. The kit contains a curtains track, debris cover, wall mounts, J-rollers, ceiling mounts, screws, anchors, remote control system, and a motor. Here is a step-to-step guide mentioned, by following these measures you can install motorized curtains with no expensive professional assistance.

  • First, take proper measurements in accordance with your window length to adjust the track’s length. To make more changes, loosen the screws on the right side of the track by opening the latches on both sides. Now you can extend the length of the track as per requirements. Move the carriers to the ends and tighten the screws again, also close the latches because the curtain’s track is now adjusted to its required length.
  • The second step is to install the debris cover, and for that, you need to see the exposed track belt, and measure the plastic debris cover to that length. Cut it properly and keep the remaining debris part with you because in the future you may need to lengthen the track. Attach the debris to the exposed belt firmly.
  • Next, to attach the curtain hardware to the ceiling, you need to use ceiling mounts; small ones for the single track while the big mount in the kit is for the double track. Twist them to place and tighten their screws if they have any. Always keep the single mount maximally two-three centimetres away from the end and both mounts should be at least fifty centimetres away from each other. The track is completely ready, let’s install it to the ceiling.
  • For ceiling smart curtain kit installation, you need to mark holes for ceiling mounts. Drill these marks to place anchors. When the anchors have been placed, screw the curtain track to the ceiling. Now the next step is installing the J-rollers/runners, it is necessary to add hooks to your curtain border so it can get attached to the runners and ultimately to the motor.
  • Point the ends of the j-rollers to the window for snipping them in the curtain track. Attach the curtain hooks to the rollers and your frame is completely ready.
  • Now the main step is to connect the motor with the remote system, for quick connection keep them together and press the buttonhole on the motor and remote with a pin until a red light appears. Congratulations, now they both are paired.
  • Installing the motor is the last and major step to motorizing your window curtains, you can install the motor on either side of the track, just remove the last hook of the curtain fabric to get proper exposure, and twist the motor inside the hole until it gets snipped. Your motorized curtains are ready to operate.

These curtains are worth-considering for their easy working procedure, they add convenience by minimizing our curtain handling efforts and are timesavers because they quickly respond to our commands.

Come To An End

Motorized, remote-control, automatic, or smart curtains are the names of mechanical curtains that do not need to be operated manually. With a complete kit, you can transform your existing curtains into smart ones. Follow the complete method that is mentioned in this blog to avoid creating a mess. Taking proper measurements is important for getting a functional and classy interior appearance. The entire installation method needs to be followed with care, so as to achieve the desired results.

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