How To Choose the Color Combination of Curtains For Your Home?

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That’s a legit concern and a highly experienced one (some sort of an issue!) during any and every home decor. Curtains Dubai, for sure, are the very “binding” kinda decor element that not just do the job of an effective window covering but also function by putting together the entire appearance of a space. They get to frame every window in a really presentable way and thus play a significant role in the overall interior embellishment.


The very question of How to choose the color combination of curtains for your home? comes as the package content of the decision of a curtain purchase or even an upgrade, as well. Since curtains are by all means the most eye-catching decor ingredients within a decorative theme, therefore, it’s a necessary condition that all of their styling, coloring and draping must be in perfectly nice harmony with the rest of the theme building.


In addition to that, if you’re about to begin an entire interior decor, then you can also consider the curtains as the decor foundation for that specific space. This will then be followed by the selection of every other article in accordance with the curtains.

Color Scheme Selection of the Curtains for your home!

A right and effectively appealing color choice are significantly important when it comes to curtains because that actually can make or break the entire resultant look of your targeted room. As per the beginning, it’s best to create a nice and attractive harmony of the curtains with those very objects they’re going to be in immediate contact with. Mostly, it’s the walls that influence or get influenced by the curtain color.

Ahead are some classy and chic ideas that you’re meant to enjoy a lot, just by reading. And can also have a contemporary, unique and greatly charming decor creation within your spaces!

1. Contrast it!

According to a mainstream suggestion by the curtain experts (or decor experts!), your curtain color should have an ideal syncing with the adjacent walls. You can go for similar undertones or you can choose a few shades darker or lighter than the color of the surrounding walls. 

Think of it like this, if your walls have a grey, brown, white, royal blue, or similar light or pastel coloring, then a lighter shade will go best for the curtains for your homeIn the same way, a darker approach to the window treatment (curtains!) will look lovely if the surrounding walls also feature a dark coloring or wall treatment (wallpaper!). 

2. Complement it!

If the same color contrast doesn’t seem that attractive to you, then, of course, you can go for creating contrast, as well. This contrasting scenario has a simple rule that is “go lighter with the dark walls and go darker with the lighter ones”. This way, you can easily visualize the exact sort of color scheme to go for, considering the shading approach of your walls.

Choose lighter curtain shades if your surrounding walls are in a darker color and go for selecting fairly darker colors of your desired window treatment if the adjacent walls have a light-colored profile. Remember to always choose the color combinations that don’t cancel out each other, rather offer a nice compliment to one another when put together.

3. Tone it and Texture it! 

When on the way to choosing curtains for your home, do look for the overall and the prime texture theme within a room i.e. the one which gets depicted most abundantly. As curtains mainly offer the decor “balancing” functionality, therefore, their color, texture, and tone must also give off the harmonizing sensation, as well. 

You can have this very comprehension thus; if your room has got a lot of woodwork, wooden flooring, wooden wall treatment or a considerable amount of furniture (and even all of this together also), then your chosen curtains must also escalate the same somewhat of a “wooden” effect. Of course, fabric can’t look like wood but still, it can manage to give off a similar effect.

Moderately light colors such as brown, beige, peach or alike undertones will effectively flourish that desired effect. You can also achieve that “plank-texture” effect which does look alluring. Over and above, there are also certain amazing options available such as the “Plank Wall Texture Curtains” or the “Wood Grain Curtain”. These curtain types can literally perk up any of the desired space within absolutely no time!

4. Darken it!

Another wonderful scenario to look at is the room-darkening or blackout curtains for your home. If you don’t like your surroundings to be too bright or lit, then blackout or room-darkening curtains are surely your things to go for. As far as their abilities are concerned, they happen to bring about a certain blockage of the outside natural light and consequently darkening the room’s environment up to a pleasurable extent. 

Since it’s obvious that the presence of blackout (or room darkening!) curtains will end up darkening out the entire room, It calls for the room’s artificial light sources to be abundant in number and working perfectly, as well. This is to avoid any possible bothering when there is a need for luminosity within the room, as the curtains already would have created a much gloomy effect. 

Also, you can take the situation like this; if your room usually remains too lit or has big windows that cause a lot of sunlight to enter. Then definitely blackout curtains or room darkening drapes will be your day savior, making your surroundings perfectly pacifying for you. Plus, if you don’t want the cliche black color of curtains for your home, then you can go for certain lighter shades or colors as well, like the grey or dark hues of brown/maroon. As they all are equally effective. 

5. Style it

Of course, that is what all the rage is about. Curtains are meant for an exquisite and appealing accomplishment of an interior. Now there are either ways to bring about a classy room appearance. You can make use of the curtains as an ornamental ingredient within your desired space or you can style your existing curtains in a certain chic way and make your interior decor up to the mark.

This will be a bit different from a literal color/style selection of a curtain, yet it’s gonna totally spice up the curtain game! You can pair up your existing curtains with several cute fabric pieces within different colors, certain lovely accessories, a few hanging items (embellishment cords, beads, pearls, etc.) and curtain tie-backs or curtain ties within different complementing shades. 

Also you can design the color combination of the Home Curtains. A pattern of two or more than two color combinations will look the best , however, be careful of the color choice as each one should be enhancing the other.

Do make use of these trendy ideas and give your home decor an entirely new direction!

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