The Ultimate Guide To Measuring For Luxurious Silk Curtains

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When planning to replace the window treatments, you always want to go for the latest treatments to give a modernized look to your home. Well, in that case, silk curtains are becoming much more popular because they give off a sense of luxury and sophistication to any area after getting installed.

Their soft and lustrous fabric can give out a really opulent look while serving so many practical purposes, i.e., light blocking, optimizing temperature, reducing noise, etc. However, the main thing which matters the most while you are going to dress up your windows with these gorgeous hangings is their measurement.

You can not buy the right curtains until or unless you do not have the perfect measurements of your window frames. People usually make mistakes while taking measurements, and that is why we have come up with an ultimate guide that can help you take the accurate window size.

Silk Curtains | A Guide To Measuring For A Professional And Elegant Look

Here, in this post, you will get to know everything about how to take the perfect measurements for silk curtains so that you can achieve the desired look for your home after getting them installed. From gathering all the materials to making the choices of curtain rods and other essentials, we have covered everything. So, without wasting any further minutes, let’s get started to take accurate measurements.

1. Get Yourself Ready With All The Material

Get Yourself Ready With All The Material

Before you jump straight to taking the measurements, you must have all the necessary material which is used in the process so that you can easily and quickly carry out the process. These include a measuring tape, a notepad, a pen, and a ladder if necessary. Make sure the measuring tape should be 25 inches long so that you can measure the larger windows easily without moving the tape as often because it is the point where most measurement mistakes happen.

2. Take The Width Measurements

Take The Width Measurements

Start by measuring the width of your windows from the left side to the right side of the frame. Always remember to take three width measurements, i.e., from the top, then from the middle, and then from the bottom, for the exact sizing. Now, write down all the measurements you obtained on the notepad so that you won’t forget and avoid any mistakes while purchasing them.

3. Take The Length Measurements

Take The Height Measurements

Now, it’s time to take the accurate length measurement of your curtains. So, start from the top using the measuring tape and come to the bottom of the frame or the existing curtains. As you have done in the width measurement by taking from the top, middle, and bottom, do the same in length measurements. Go for the right side, length from the middle and for the left side, as well. Now, write down the longest measurement you obtain, as it will be the most accurate one.

4. Consider Overlapping, Hemming, And Rod

Consider Overlapping, Hemming, And Rod

In the end, it is quite important to consider the fabric for overlapping and hemming and the fabric that will be used in hanging them on the curtain rod. The fabric which gets folded when you close the curtains is what we call overlapping, so you should include 4 extra inches for that. Hemming is when the fabric gets flooded at the bottom when sewing, which is 4 inches in silk curtains, so you’ll need to add 4 inches more.

For instance, if your curtain’s length is 60 inches, after considering overlapping and hemming, it will become 68 inches. Also, do not forget to add 2-4 inches more, considering a standard curtain rod on which you will hang your silk window curtains.

In The End

Taking accurate measurements for your silk curtains installation is important so that you can create the most elegant look in your interior with this addition. Follow up on these tips recommended by professionals as these will help you take the exact sizing of your casement frames with no mistakes. Hang the perfectly sized silk curtains in your windows and let the area gain an attractive and stylish appearance.

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