How to Install Roller Blinds | A Step-by-Step Guide

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Window treatments are integral room designing components that not only dress up your room windows but also enhance the decor of a place. Speaking of window treatments, roller blinds are a well-designed and practical choice to adorn your windows. You can give an ideal finishing touch to your spaces with these blinds that can be used in any room depending and for any style of the windows.

Roller blinds come with the finest mechanism and hardware system in which a fabric sheet is wrapped around the wooden or metal casing. In comparison with various other blinds, roller shades can be easily installed on the windows. However, in order to do it correctly with no hassle, an amateur might need a proper guide. In this article, we have mentioned the detailed steps to install blinds effectively on the windows.

Easy Steps To Fit Roller Window Blinds In Your Homes

Fit Roller Window Blinds In Your Homes

Roller blinds with simpler mechanisms can be easily installed in any place. You can also style these blinds with multiple rods to enhance the functionality in a place. But to initiate with, you will need some tools and equipment.

Gather The Needed Tools

Aside from the window blinds, you will need some tools that are described below.

  • A Drill Machine
  • A Step Ladder
  • Scissors
  • Screws
  • Measuring Tape
  • Saw (optional)
  • Pencil Or Paper
  • Safety goggles, gloves, mask

1. Decide On The Inside/Outside Mount

Decide On The Insiden or Outside Mount

Before you begin with the process of installation, determine whether you want to install your roller blinds inside or outside of the recess. Do keep in mind that the positioning and direction of your blinds have a major impact on the appearance and comfort of the place.

Hanging the roller blinds inside the recess will make your windows look smaller than it is. While choosing the outside mount to install them will create an illusion of an elongated window and ultimately a larger space.

2. Determine the Blind Size & Placement

Determine the Blind Size & Placement

The size of blinds, particularly the width is directly related to the privacy management of your rooms. For the full window coverage, you will need to decide the right length and width of the blinds. You can get the fabric in extended width to have complete window coverage.

As for the placement of blinds, it can be defined in two ways including external mounting for visual height and placement based on the east and west direction of the windows.

3. Measure & Purchase Roller Blinds

Measure & Purchase Roller Blinds

If you’ve already choose roller blinds, you may skip this step and just get the ones that perfectly suit your window; otherwise, think carefully about these things before you make a purchase. Be careful to take precise measurements of the windows. The width and length of the blinds can be increased for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

You don’t need to be concerned even if you already own your blinds because they can be customized to fit your window. You can also cut the blinds to precisely suit the window profile based on your preferences.

4. Decide On The Rolling Way & Chain Placement

Decide On The Rolling Way & Chain Placement

As these blinds are rolled up and down to open and close, you can have the flexibility to decide in which way you want them to roll. These blinds usually roll under the roller, however, if there is an obstacle or object that protrudes from the window, you can choose the other way.

Roller blinds won’t be obstructed if hung over the roller and pulled down over the window. Besides, you can decide on the side of the blind on which you want to hang the chain. If there’s any furniture element on either side of the window, you can choose the other side for easier access.

5. Secure The Brackets

Secure The Brackets

Here comes the process of securing brackets to the walls that come along with roller blinds. You can use a hand drill to secure the brackets and make sure to wear a mask, safety goggles, and hand gloves when using the drill machine.

Ensure that the hole is big enough to fit in so that screws are tightly fitted into the wall. This is because it will prevent them from falling. You can read the manual instructions before because each roller blind can be slightly different from others.

6. Hang Them On Window Headrails

Hang Them On Window Headrails

After securing the brackets, you can install your fit-to-size blinds on the windows. Wedge your roller blinds to the brackets carefully. To ensure that your blinds are installed perfectly, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.

After verifying the blinds and window measurements one more time, secure the fabric on the headrail. Align the fabric on the rod horizontally with perfection so that it rolls over smoothly.

7. Attach The Chain Or String

Attach The Chain Or String

The last step is to attach the blinds’ hardware once the roller blinds have been installed. Several sorts of materials can be used to make the cords or strings for blinds. You may decide which ones to choose based on your preferences.

You may use the hand drill to fasten the strings to the blinds. With the supplied screws, fasten the hardware to the wall. There is no need to fasten the chain in the case of roller blind chains because they may also be freely linked at the back.


Window roller shades are the best option for giving your rooms a makeover. There are several ways to place these blinds on windows, either within or outside the recess. You will first need to gather the necessary equipment and supplies in order to install these blinds on windows effortlessly. Installing mounting brackets and installing roller blinds both require measuring the size of the window and choosing the appropriate width for the blinds. Follow the whole list of instructions provided above for a trouble-free installation.

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