How to Install Custom Window Blinds | Step-by-Step For DIYers

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Window blinds are the essential decor elements that come with manifold functional features to add comfort to a space. With blinds, you can give your living spaces a pleasant look while incorporating convenience and style. Blinds are particularly the ideal choice for the smaller windows of homes and offices. Among the infinite styling and material options for blinds, you can choose any for the ornamentation of your space.

Whether you choose wooden, fabric, woven, or PVC blinds, the main objective is the perfect installation. The blinds fitting can vary a bit for each type, however they can also be installed in the same way. If you don’t have a budget to afford blind fitters and plan to install blinds on windows by yourself, you can rely on this guide. We have prepared this guide for beginners so that they can conveniently install blinds on the windows by themselves.

Comprehensive Guide For The Installation of Window Blinds

Comprehensive Guide For The Installation of Window Blinds

Blinds serve various functional perks for home decor. From privacy to security, energy efficiency to sound insulation, and easy upkeep to usage convenience, blinds are the best choices to opt for. To begin with the straightforward installation process, you will require these tools and supplies.

Essential Supplies To Install Window Blinds

Essential Supplies To Install Window Blinds

  • Window Blinds
  • Drill machine
  • Brackets
  • Ladder
  • Scissors
  • Screws
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • Pencil

1. Take Proper Measurements

Take Proper Measurements

Before you hit the market to purchase window blinds, make sure to measure the windows. To take accurate measurements, you can use measuring tape. Note the window dimensions in length and width with a pencil on the paper.

Blinds can be installed according to the length and width of the windows as per needs and personal choices. To get optimal control over light, it is particularly suggested to buy blinds with an extended width.

2. Decide On The Inside Or Outside Mount

Decide On The Inside Or Outside Mount

The window blinds in your rooms can be installed either inside or outside of the recess. It is entirely your choice to decide on the style depending on the type of window. Installing blinds inside the recess will give your rooms a sleek look.

While on the other hand, fitting blinds outside the recess will make the room appear larger. You can get maximum control over light and privacy with the outside-mounted blinds. Besides, the direction of your room windows needs to be considered, i.e. whether it is east or west facing.

3. Prepare The Window & Mark Bracket Holes

Prepare The Window & Mark Bracket Holes

After you have measured each top corner of the windows and purchased blinds accordingly, now is the initial working step for their installation. Make sure to dust off the dirt from each corner of the window before marking the position of the brackets.

Positioning the brackets is a step that needs a bit of attention and carefulness. To mark the placement for the brackets, you can hold the bracket about an inch far from the edge at a safe spot. Make sure that brackets won’t interfere with the internal mechanism of the blinds after the installation. Blinds usually come with a template to mark bracket holes, you can use that to mark the position.

4. Drill The Pilot Holes

Drill The Pilot Holes

The next step will be the drilling of pilot holes to install the screws. Screws are used to hold the brackets in place, so you will need to line up the holes to fit in the screws using the screwdriver.

This step needs your extra concern while installing screws as you have to consider the type of window frame. Screws cannot be installed if the window frame is made from metal or hardwood. Two screws per bracket are enough to ensure a secure mount.

5. Install Blinds Brackets

Install Blinds Brackets

After the installation of brackets, fit the top rail into the bracket and it is necessary to secure the valence with the help of clips. Make sure to carry out this step before mounting the window blinds inside the brackets.

Valances will secure the headrail and you can get them in different types of fabrics. Valance for blinds acts as a veil to cover the hardware of the blinds and make a room look tidier. They will sit at the top of window blinds to give both casual and formal looks.

6.Attach Tilt Wands

Attach Tilt Wands

After securing the blinds, there comes the installation of a tilt wand. Ensure to install the tilt wands rightly so that it secures the movement and lets the slats of the blinds open and close easily. Depending on the orientation of the slats either vertical or horizontal, you can attach the wands.

To attach them, first remove the cap from the newly bought wands and slide it onto the corner of the tilt mechanism. While inserting the hook on the top of the blinds wand, slide the cap down over the wand tip and secure it in place.


Blinds on the windows are a decorative and completely functional choice for the renovation of interiors. The installation of blinds may vary on the type of blinds and window style of your rooms. However, you can DIY install blinds while taking meticulous measurements. After marking the placement of brackets and drilling the holes, you can install the brackets and tilt wands. Fit the blinds into the window frame and adjust the position of the slats or fabric of the blinds as per your requirements and preferences.

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