Motorized Curtains vs Traditional Curtains

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Traditional window curtains need to be handled manually while motorized curtains are remote-control drapes that come with a motor fixed in their hollow tubes. The basic curtain operation (opening and closing movement) is controlled by human efforts while a single button can operate motorized electric curtains.

Motorized luxurious curtains have long been introduced into the market and they have confused everyone with their presence. People think operating them will be tricky or their maintenance will be time-consuming but the reality is just the opposite to it. With that said, let’s get to see the fair competition between these window coverings.

A Fair Comparison Between Motorized And Traditional Window Curtains

Before beginning the competition, it should be stated that although motorized window treatments are highly useful, they cannot replace traditional window coverings in terms of interior design. Let’s have a complete look to wipe out the confusion.

1. Easy To Operate Window Treatments

Easy To Operate Window Treatments

What type of window covering is easy to operate?

Traditional Window Coverings: Traditional window curtains are designed to be handled manually, their enormous folds need human efforts for opening and closing.

Motorized Window Coverings: Remote control curtains can be operated with a remote button without putting any effort.

Winner: Motorized window treatments are easy to operate by a remote system.

2. 100% Privacy Provision

100% Privacy Provision

Which one adds maximum privacy to the place?

Traditional Window Coverings: These window curtains add privacy with thick fabric but when the folds move, light can enter from the sides.

Motorized Window Coverings: The fitted motor does not let the curtain fabric move from its place and hence offers 100% privacy to the interior.

Winner: Motorized window curtains get one more point for adding maximum privacy.

3. Moisture Prone Places

Moisture Prone Places

Which curtain is the best for basements and kitchens?

Traditional Window Covers: They help in absorbing moisture with a correct selection of fabric and do not get their functionality disturbed by moisture.

Motorized Window Covers: They carry a motor that can get damaged with a little exposure to moisture and that’s why they are not recommended for such places.

Winner: Traditional coverings are the best choice for kitchens and basements.

4. Places With Heavy Curtain Usage

Places With Heavy Curtain Usage

Can heavy usage affect any of these curtains?

Traditional Window Curtains: They are manual so can be managed only with a little effort in accordance with the requirements.

Motorized Window Curtains: The motor or battery-operated function of motorized window curtains is likely to get damaged after excessive use.

Winner: Traditional curtains are the need for places with extusage.

5. Interior Demands

Interior Demands

Styling curtains in accordance with the interior module?

Traditional Manual Curtains: These window coverings best suit a traditional or aesthetic interior theme and hence are compulsory to create such decorative spaces.

Motorized Window Covers: Automatic curtains are good for decent and classy themes so they can not be replaced by traditional ones.

Winner: Both curtains have their own importance depending on the surrounding appearance.

Results Announcement

Both motorized and traditional curtains are equally important if we talk about proper window styling. Having a motorized window curtain can save your efforts and time but a traditional curtain is the only option for moisture-prone places. The motor can get damaged with rough usage while curtains without a motor can stay longer even with rough treatments which is truly a blessing. And considering all these aspects, you can easily figure out the right choice for your place, depending on the usage conditions and requirements.

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