How To Choose Right Curtains For Your Home | 5 Easy Steps Guide 2024

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Curtains are the loyal companions of your windows, they both together increase the glamour of the interior of your room. When we want to change the scenario of our rooms or want to give it a finish up, then the only thing that takes us away from our goal is the empty windows.

When making the decision to Right Curtains For Your Home, we ask ourselves what should be the parameters to select the best curtain for the home? Before accepting your defeat against this question, here we have mentioned a few tips that might help you in selecting the right curtain for your space. So let’s go through these tips.

Right Curtains For Your Home

Always Select Right Curtains For Your Home With Fabrics

The fabric material plays an important role in the looks of curtains and ultimately the room. From the sheer lace and lightweight cotton, brocades having medium weight, to the heavyweight velvet curtains you have a vast variety to choose from. You should always consider two major factors for the Right Curtains For Your Home :

  • The amount of sunlight that you want your custom curtains to filter.
  • The requirement or already present decors in your room. For example, heavy fabrics go well with the traditional theme and sheer curtains will suit a minimalistic room.

You should always keep in mind that each fabric falls differently, thus gives different types of looks when pleated or drawback.

Colors Can Make Or Break The Look

Always choose such a color that ideally syncs with the rest of your furnishings if you want a perfectly subtle look. You can also select the drapes that make perfect harmony with the room decors or contrast with them.

For an alluring look, always try to select such a color that complements the shades of your walls. But if you want that your curtains should be more focused that select such a hue that makes a pleasant contrast with the colors of walls and your furniture as well.

Pick The Best Between Prints & Solids

In making the decision to choose between the solid or printed pattern, you must look at the rest of the home decors. If your furniture, wardrobe, and other decors have softer looks, then solid color curtains with printed patterns will be a wonderful choice.

The opposite holds true game-changing qualities. The printed curtains would add a heavy effect on the visuals of your entire room. With your contemporary styled decors, you can also use quirky prints and geometric patterns. And the floral patterns would suit the modern classic and traditional decors. Keep this consideration in mind for choosing the Right Curtains For Your Home.

Select The Ideal Length Always

Curtains Dubai that touch the ground are popular nowadays. If you want to give your rooms a more dramatic look, then you can also install few inches long curtains so that the drapes puddle on the floor.

Besides this, if you have kids in your home, then it is better to have curtains that are a couple of inches above form the floor. Another classic and traditional option is to end the curtains at the windowsill but the full-length curtains will also work equally.

Best Curtains For Your Home

Width Measurement

The width of the molding of your windowpane or door is the basic factor on which the ideal width of the window depends. The most perfect method to measure the width of the window frame is to take the width of your frame and then multiply it with a factor of 2/2.5.

This extra fabric will help you in blocking the light from the sides accomplish the gathered look when they are drawn back to the sides.

Select Curtains Based On The Maintenance Required

The material and fabric of the curtain determine how the curtain should be cleaned and how often you need to clean your curtains. As a recommended time period, all the fabrics should be washed every 3 to 6 months, but note that there are some fabrics that need more care and some can be machined washed as well.

Low Maintenance Fabrics

If you want such curtains that require washing twice a year, then you should opt for cotton or synthetic fabrics. If these curtains are unlined, then you can wash them in a machine, but if they are lined, then you can give them a quick hand wash. These curtains are an excellent choice for homes with pets and kids.

High Maintenance Fabrics

Regardless of fabrics, any curtains that have pleats or swags should be dry cleaned. For the retention of color and shape, wool or silk curtains can be hand washed or dry cleaned in cold water.


We mentioned the best factors above that one should consider to choose the Right Curtains For Your Home. Besides these factors, you should have to keep the budget in your mind as well. Your requirements and taste will definitely play an important role in deciding the curtains just according to your already present room decors. Consequently, your decors and wall colors will play a significant role in getting you the best ever curtains for your home.

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