Roller Blinds vs. Roman Blinds | Which Is Right for You?

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Window blinds are the must-have part of home decor due to their distinctive practical features and different visual results. Blinds come in an infinite range of styles, materials, design profiles, and sizes. You can choose window blinds depending on the functionality, usage, and styling requirements of a space. Among the extensive range of modern and traditional window treatments, roller blinds are the most popular choice.

Roller blinds are made from different types of materials including polyester, PVC, Poly Cotton blends, and vinyl. While Roman blinds are made from silk, cotton, polyester, and other synthetic materials. These blinds feature a versatile look as they are made from fabric materials with appealing designs and textures. When comparing roller blinds with Roman blinds, they differ in appearance and practical attributes. Let’s get to know the differences between roller and Roman blinds to select the best one for you.

What Are Roller Blinds?

What Are Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are created by encircling the wooden, metal, or steel components with a single piece of fabric. Down here are the prominent features of roller shades.

Benefits Of Roller Blinds

Versatile Design Profiles

Versatile Design Profiles

As they are made from fabric materials, you can choose from different patterns, designs, color tones, and textures for these blinds. The color can be matched with the interior decor themes and size with the window dimensions.

Best For Privacy

The fabric for these blinds can be transparent or opaque but you can attach a blackout lining to get maximum privacy.

Light Control

By choosing the right direction, mounting, and adjusting the blinds to the desired position, you can have complete control over incoming light.

Light Control


With thick materials, blackout fabrics, and extended fabric width, you can add insulation to your rooms and also regulate the temperature.

UV & Water Resistant

You can purchase sunscreen roller blinds that reduce the glare inside and similarly there are various other blind materials that offer significant resistance against spills, stains, and moisture.

UV & Water Resistant 

Easy To Operate

With blind chains and cords, you can operate these blinds easily and adjust the fabric at the desired level. They can be completely rolled up to have light in the rooms and down for privacy protection.

Can Be Motorized

The most promising benefits of roller blinds is that you can convert your home into a smart space with them. By attaching the motors or batteries, you can get multiple control and ease of operation for these blinds.

Can Be Motorized

Highly Durable

These blinds tend to last longer than several other window treatments as they are made from highly robust materials and fabrics.

Are Inexpensive

Roller shades have simpler hardware with no individual slats which is why it takes less time to craft them, meaning lesser labor expenses. Therefore, these blinds are highly affordable to purchase and you can shop for them on a budget.

Are Inexpensive

Maintenance & Cleaning

A damped sponge or microfiber cloth is enough to get them thoroughly cleaned and these blinds don’t ask for any extra maintenance than regular upkeep.

Drawbacks Of Roller Blinds

Drawbacks Of Roller Blinds

Can Be Flipped

These blinds can be flipped from either side of the windows if the window is left open for long.

Not Best For Odd Shaped Windows

It is not suggested to install these blinds on the irregular-shaped windows in your homes.

What Are Roman Blinds?

What Are Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made from different types of fabrics that draw up to pleats when you raise them using cords or chains. The benefits of these blinds are described down here.

Benefits Of Roman Blinds

Give Soft Look

These blinds come with a versatile assortment of colors to compliment both classic and modern decor. Due to their casual appearance and soft appeal, these blinds are ideal for dining and living rooms.



They are made from thick materials which is why they offer a great level of insulation and regulate the room temperature as well. They are the ideal choice to cover windows in winter.

Good For Small Windows

They are best for the smaller windows in your rooms and you can boost your space’s decor in the most ideal way by installing them

.Complete Control Over Light

Complete Control Over Light

Usually, these blinds are made from opaque fabrics that restrict the light from entering your space. They can create a complete darkening effect in your rooms to sleep in comfortably.

Ideal For Privacy

To get the desired privacy in your spaces, these blinds are particularly a good choice. Because a heavyweight fabric is used to make them which doesn’t let a single ray of light enter the space.

Drawbacks Of Roman Blinds

Get Dirty Easily

These blinds are more prone to stains and accumulate the surrounding dirt in the pleats that settles down in the fabric.

Moisture Prone

Moisture Prone

These blinds are moisture prone which is why they are not best for the bathroom and kitchen.

Difficult to Clean & Maintain

Cleaning these pleated blinds is way difficult and you have to take proper care of these blinds so that dust, grime, and dirt doesn’t accumulate in them.

Expensive & Difficult to Operate

They are more expensive than roller blinds and it is also a hassle to lift these heavier blinds.


Roller window blinds and shades are the widely chosen window treatment by homeowners. Choosing these blinds over other window treatments is practically beneficial for you because they take up less space, can be motorized, are best for energy efficiency, privacy protection, light control, and home security. While Roman window blinds come with their distinct features and appearance but for inexpensive, easier installation, cleaning, maintenance, versatility, and durability, roller window blinds are a perfect choice.

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