Roman Blinds vs Other Window Treatments: Which is the Best?

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There are a total of four most common types of window treatments, and the list includes curtains, blinds, drapes, and shades. Curtains are the fabricated window treatment that is designed with exceeding measurements than the window frame. Window blinds with their specific structure completely fit onto the window frame to offer maximum functionality and can be designed with materials other than fabric, as well.

Window shades are a single solid film that offers a barrier between both sides of the home with no slat structure so you can only open or close them while blinds offer maximum control over their features. Drapes are the same window treatments as the curtains but the only difference is their measurements. They are always designed with a thick fabric and also they always contain a floor length or are even longer than that.

Comparing Roman Window Blinds With Other Window Treatments

Because roman window blinds are the new trend, people always get confused while picking the perfect window styling for their place. Mostly they go for the trend and select the roman window blinds to enhance their place’s interior. These blinds were first introduced by the roman culture and hence are named after the Roman empire.

Up ahead, we’ve got you a fair debate so that you do not get confused with the functionality of window treatments and the choice of trendy elements. A few highlights mentioned below to clear out your queries regarding this vast topic.

1. Window Blinds And Curtains


As described above, curtains are window treatments that are always longer than the window frames so the outside breeze does not move their folds. While window blinds are designed to perfectly fit the window frame so you can get maximum coverage.

Doubtlessly, curtains can be styled with any fabric texture as per the requirement of the place. Blackout window curtains are preferable for workplace and bedroom styling because they add 100% privacy while sheer curtains add filtered light for a sufficiently bright interior look that is suitable for study rooms. Their folds need to be handled manually for all movements.

Blinds with their solid structure, completely cover the entire window and hence offer 100% privacy, they are always designed with a polyester and cotton blended fabric to block outside elements. Also, they are easy to deal with, because of their smaller size than a curtain and corded operational measures. Window blinds can easily get opened or closed with a little manual effort of moving a string. They add a classy and modern interior theme that is the highlighted reason people want them for their interior decor.

2. Window Blinds And Drapes


Drapes are always styled with a thick fabric texture to ensure maximum privacy for the place. They also cover the entire area from the upper border of the window frame to the floor for a particular high-end interior look. Because they also carry heavy fabric which needs to be handled manually, people prefer window blinds over them because blinds are easily managable.

The main difference these window treatments carry is the measurements of their fabric otherwise both can block the entire outside factors including light, invasive sounds, and icy breezes. You can get any patterns or shades for your drapes but the blended PVC/polyester and the cotton fabric do not always carry a required print. Besides, drapes are easier to install than window blinds.

3. Window Blinds And Shades


Window shades refer to a single film installed to cover the entire window for providing enough security and privacy. People nowadays prefer blinds because not all the shades add maximum privacy, some are so thin that they introduce a filtered effect of outside lighting to the interior which can cause disturbance while you are asleep. Compromising your peace over the interior style is never recommendable.

Which One Is Preferable?

The trend of window treatments was set by considering all the needs of the modern interior and aesthetic requirements. For classy interior styling and 100% privacy addition, interior designers recommend window binds with a cotton and polyester blended fabric. Window blinds are easily managable and require minimal care to maintain their luxurious looks while allowing complete light control.

Coming To An End

Window treatments are of four types, curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds. But Roman window blinds are getting hyped in Dubai because they go perfectly well with the modern interior theme and offer maximum functionality along with presentable looks. These window treatments can be operated with the help of a string that minimizes manual effort and with their high-quality materials they are easily maintainable. So choosing them is meant to be a favorable home improvement decision.

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