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Shop Velvet Curtains in Dubai For Windows

Our velvet curtains are designed to add luxury and sophistication to your place. They are known to add glamour and elegance to any room. We offer plush textures and rich colors to transform your windows. Contact us to get the most luxurious velvet curtain in the UAE.

Buy Our Luxurious Velvet Curtains At Low Prices in Dubai

Our velvet window curtains are the perfect solution if you want a high-end appearance in your living room. At Blackout Curtain, we offer a wide range of velvet curtains at affordable prices without decreasing the quality of the fabric.

Our company aims to provide luxurious and highest quality curtains at the lowest market price. This is the perfect window solution to add style, comfort, and luxury to your place at very reasonable rates.

Classic Velvet Curtains Dubai

Add Glamour to Your Place With Our Widnow Curtains

Our velvet window dressings are made with the softest and most lavish velvet fabric. They look extremely beautiful with all types of interior design. These curtains also provide insulation and privacy in your living room and bedroom.

You can choose the most suitable color and style from our extensive collection of high-end curtains. We aim to make these curtains of the highest quality to give you the most luxurious and glamorous appearance. Contact us to get a free estimation of these curtains according to the size of your window.

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We are the best supplier of curtains and blinds in Dubai. Our team is always ready to hear from you.

Benefits Of Our Velvet Curtains in Dubai

We are the biggest supplier of velvet curtains in Dubai. You will get a wide range of curtains with many benefits.

  • Our curtain made of velvet fabric provides the softest feel and look to add a modern touch.
  • They insulate your home against temperature fluctuations, making them an energy-efficient window treatment.
  • Add privacy to your place with our velvet window coverings. They block out unwanted light and noise.
  • These curtains are made with long-lasting materials and are a great investment for your place.
  • We provide many colors, patterns, and styles to complement various decor styles, from modern to traditional.

Investing in our velvet curtains in Dubai means you’ll enjoy these benefits. So why wait? Visit our store today to explore our extensive collection and discover the perfect velvet curtains.

Reliable Velvet Curtains Dubai
Stunning Velvet Curtains Dubai
Affordable Velvet Curtains Dubai

Why Are Our Velvet Curtains the Best Choice?

Texture Variation

You will get a vast range of textures and patterns on our curtains to match modern and traditional decor styles.

Energy Saving

Our curtains are designed to reduce energy consumption by regulating the temperature of your room and blocking the heat.


We charge a very low price for our luxurious-looking velvet window dressings. Their premium look is proof of their high-end manufacturing.


You can get customization to create a personalized look for your windows. We offer customization in styles, sizes, and colors.

We Provide the Best Installation of Velvet Curtains in Dubai

Our team of experienced professionals is passionate to provide a seamless installation of velvet curtains all over the UAE. We always ensure that these high-end velvet curtains are installed properly and carefully. Every room in your home is unique and requires a different approach to curtain installation. That’s why we provide professionals suggestions according to the size and shape of your windows,

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Customization Options

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Why Choose Us?

We are at the top of the curtain industry in the UAE. Our company has won several international awards for providing high-quality products with professional installation. We have the highest success rate of customer satisfaction in Dubai. Get the most luxurious and stunning velvet curtains from our showroom. We are sure you will find the most suitable curtain design for your place. In addition, you can get customized curtains from us at very reasonable prices.

  • Professionalism
  • High-Quality Products
  • Unique Designs
  • Award Winning Company
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