Why Are Curtains Better Than Blinds? 8 Reasons Why Replace Blinds

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Why curtains are better than blinds? Well, with the current time, moving on with recent advancements some people still love to have traditional home decor. Considering the window treatments whether curtains or blinds, both have their own specified characteristics. It just depends on the choice of people & their home decor theme.

When we start the renovation of our house, the most neglected things are our bare windows. We do not ponder on this point of interior decoration. Window treatments are not only for embellishment or beauty. They play an important role in keeping your room decors away from the scorching sunlight; they provide a noise-blocking role and give you complete privacy. But the problem is that most of the people get completely baffled while making a decision, either they should buy curtains or blinds. You should choose in accordance with the style of decoration of your interior, your budget and your requirements.

Let’s Scroll Down To Know Why Are Curtains Better Than Blinds

Curtains or blinds, the choice is all yours. But considering the latest query on the internet we are with some basic justified reasons that make curtains superior to blinds. We’ll list down some characteristics of curtains and the effective features they may contain. Here we provide you a complete guide by which it will be easy for you to decide Why Are Curtains Better Than Blinds. Let’s check them out!

1. In Accordance With Your Interior’s Style

Not all the curtains or blinds will provide you with beauty in every room. Their glory depends upon the mood and style of your room’s interior. Window curtains Dubai provide you a wide range of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and styles due to which they are versatile and fit very easily in almost all types of interiors. If you want an airy and enlightened environment then, sheer fabric will give you a modest environment to your room. The thicker and heavy-weight velvet-like stuff will give a dark and soothing mood to your room.

In Accordance With Your Interior’s Style
In Accordance With Your Interior’s Style

But nowadays blinds have also been coming up with great potential. Just like industries and other commercial buildings, the house owners started installing blinds. The main reason for using blinds is their clean-cut look that provides your room a proper and dignifying interior style. But according to our point of view Curtains Dubai are better as they offer a large variety of fabrics, colors, styles, textures, and patterns and suit almost any interior mood.

2. Budget Friendly

As a rule of thumb, it is very obvious that curtains are always cheaper than blinds. The reason why they are cheap is that soft fabric like cloth is always inexpensive than hard material like wood, plastic, or vinyl. In general, it also required more work to create blinds as compared to curtains.

Budget Friendly Curtains
Budget Friendly Curtains

But the prices may vary in accordance with the type of fabric used. If you will choose velvet or other heavy curtain fabric, then obviously they will be more expensive than the wooden blinds. The other way by which you can reduce your cost is by using alternates. Using faux silk in the place of raw or real silk you can lower down the price of your curtains but the look will remain high end.

In blinds, the budget-friendly option is vinyl which is cheaper than aluminum, wood blinds, or other textured blinds. We will go for the blinds from a cost-saving perspective, but it totally depends upon you for which fabric you are going.

3. Servicing & Prolongation

Curtains are a better idea if you want tension-free maintenance. You can save most of your time cleaning curtains, but blinds will consume too much time for their cleaning. You can revive the shine of your curtains by washing them or dry cleaning them depending upon the type of fabric after seeing the care tag on them. Blinds are no doubt more durable as curtains tend to fade away in the sunlight and are washed with time.

Servicing & Prolongation
Servicing & Prolongation

Venetian and vertical blinds are more susceptible to dust accumulation on their slats, which is a laborious task to clean. You have to remove the dust from each slat by hand. But in the category of blinds roller blinds offer an easy way for their maintenance as they can be spot clean, dry clean or hand washed.

In this servicing, our vote will be towards curtains and roller blinds as they are very easy to clean and maintain. But if we come to sustainability, then blinds are more durable and long-lasting as compared to curtains because the curtain fabric starts to fade away with the passage of time.

4. Light Blocking Features

The major purpose of covering our windows is to block the light. Once again curtains are on the top when it comes to the blocking of light. Especially the thick and heavy blackout curtains made from brocade or suede are the best for darkening the room. The curtains are best for blacking out your room but do not allow you to control the amount of light filtering through them.

Light Blocking Features
Light Blocking Features

On the other hand, the blinds will also play a specific role in the blockage of light and offer you an extra benefit that you are able to control the amount of light filtering through your window, which is a plus point. You can totally block the light or can adjust the slats to get the desired amount of light.

In this regard, it completely depends upon you whether you want to get curtains or blinds. If you want to make your room dark by creating a blackout then blackout curtains are the best choice and if you want light control, then you must install blinds.

5. Noise-Cancellation

When it comes to sound control, then curtains are still better than blinds. The gaps between the slats of the blinds will allow the sounds to pass through them. Not only the gaps but on a windy day the slats of blinds hit with the windowsill and create unpleasant sounds as well. The curtains made from heavy fabrics are the best choice for blocking the sound. They will be more beneficial if your house is facing a busy road. They will block all the noises completely.

Noise-Cancellation Curtains
Noise-Cancellation Curtains

We suggest curtains for noise control. Their heavy and soft fabric with high flexibility will create a significant damping effect against the sound waves and make your room too comfortable and give a mind relaxing environment. The downside of blinds is that they will give a racking sound on windy days. 

The Final Verdict!

After reading this guide now we hope that you are able to make the decision between the blinds and curtains. You now have sufficient knowledge to make a proper difference and comparison, which will be a better choice for your interiors. Their features and downsides are in front of you so you can decide easily between curtains and the blinds. But the total choice is up to you. Besides the merits and demerits of curtains and blinds, you should choose one according to your needs and budget.

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