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When you want to install blinds at your home, then why are you not thinking about motorized blinds Dubai? Our motorized shades and blinds are cordless and you can control them with a remote, a smartphone app, or voice commands, which makes them ideal for tall, difficult-to-reach windows.

If you have children or pets at home, cordless motorized window coverings add an extra layer of protection for them. Our blinds can efficiently control the balance of natural and artificial light in your house. Switching to our motorized window treatments provides convenience to your busy life.

You can easily schedule the opening and closing times of your motorized shades according to your family’s needs. Our motorized blinds Dubai allow light in when you wake up but keep the glare out when you need a calm and peaceful environment for sleep. Buy our blinds and save money because we are providing our electric blinds at affordable rates.

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How Do Motorized Blinds Work?

The operation of our electric blinds differs from all other blinds. There is no string in our blinds, and there is a tube on the top of the blinds that lifts the weight of the blinds and opens and closes them when needed. We supply power to these blinds through batteries or direct connection with the electricity.

There is a powerful motor in the motorized blinds Dubai, which operates the opening and closing of the blinds by using energy. We install a very durable motor in our blackout blinds, so there is no need to change the motor even after years because the blinds will definitely work fine.

Some blinds have rechargeable batteries, so you can recharge the battery when needed. If you don’t want to recharge the battery again and again, then you can get direct electrical blinds from us, which get energy from electricity and have no batteries. Now you can connect our motor blinds with solar panels, which save energy and give you the option of a budget-friendly blinds.

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Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Remote control blinds are very useful for all types of homes, but when you buy electric blinds from us, you will get some extra benefits. Here are some advantages to buying electrically powered blinds from us.

Modern Motoized Blinds Dubai

Convenient To Operate

Our motorized blinds are very easy to operate as you can use a remote, or a mobile phone, or even give them voice instructions. You can operate our powerful blinds from a distance from your mobile app even when you are not at home.

Best For Smart Homes

If you want to convert your simple home into a smart home, then our automatic blinds Dubai are the best solution for you. You can use our blinds to make your home a smart home by controlling the opening and closing of your shades from a distance.

Protect From Sun Damage

The fabric that we use in the making of our blinds is very efficient and can protect your home from the damaging rays of the sun. Our blinds’ fabric never allows harmful rays to enter your place and damage the color and texture of your furniture.

Complete Privacy

Motorized blinds are made in such a way that they can give complete privacy to the place. As they allow you to control them according to your requirements, you can easily control the amount of light entering your place. You can even block a single ray of light from entering your space through blackout blinds.

Best For Children And Pets

Cords of blinds and curtains could be dangerous for pets and children, as they can tangle themselves in them. Our blinds provide homeowners a sense of security for their pets and children, as they have no cords at all.

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Types of Electric Blinds Abu Dhabi, Dubai & UAE

There are four main types of motorized blinds we provide to our customers. These are the most famous types of automatic blinds.

Innterior Motorized Blinds

1. Interior Blinds

The interior blinds are operated with batteries; there is no need to connect them with electricity, which makes the installation of these blinds very easy. These blinds create a sensible and somfy look at the place where they are installed.

Venetian Motorized Blinds

2. Venetian Blinds

These are the external types of blinds that you can install outside the room on the window. These blinds are mostly made of metal, which gives the room complete privacy. If anyone wants a 100% private environment in the room, then they must install external Venetian blinds.

Motorized Roller Shutters Dubai

3. Roller Shutters 

Roller shutters have both options as they can be operated with batteries or with electricity. They are mostly installed outside the windows to give complete privacy.

Vertical Screens

4. Vertical Screens

These automatic blinds are used to block all sunlight from entering the room. These blinds also have sensors to inform you if there is windy weather and you are far from home, so you can easily close your vertical screens to protect your room.

Where To Get Automatic Blinds?

Now you must be excited about the purchase of the automatic blinds. The process of buying automatic blinds is very easy. You can visit our nearest store and select your favorite blinds from the shop.

We have a large collection of fabrics for the making of automatic blinds, from which you can choose according to your requirements. There are experts at our stores who can help you choose the ideal blinds according to the interior of your place.

If you want to purchase your favorite motorized blinds online, then you just need to tell us the measurements for your blinds and we will send you a free quote. Then you can easily place the order and we will deliver the blinds to your place.

Perfect Motorized Blinds Dubai

Customize Your Electric Blinds According To Your Requirements

Now, we are giving you the opportunity to customize your own automatic blinds according to the requirements of your windows. If you have odd-shaped windows and you are unable to find the exact matching blinds for them, then you can tell us the size and shape of your window and we will make the perfect blinds for you.

You can also select the operating system of your blinds according to your convenience. If you want battery-powered blinds, we will install a battery-powered system in your blinds. Otherwise, we can also install an electricity-powered system in your blinds.

We are also giving you an opportunity to change your old blinds into brand new motorized blinds. We can now also install motorized systems in your old blinds and make them smart blinds.

Why Choose Us?

Now you know all the things about our electric blinds, so you can easily select us for the purchase of your electric blinds. If you still have any trust issues about buying remote control blinds from us for the first time, then keep in mind that we have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the UAE. All our customers only select us to buy blinds for their homes and offices.

The blinds that we provide to our customers are of premium quality, so they last for years without any need for repair. The prices of our blinds are very low, so you can easily buy them within your budget. We not only offer electric-powered blinds, but we also offer blind installation services.

We have a large number of craftsmen on our staff who are experienced in the installation of motorized blinds Dubai and curtains, so you can easily trust us for the fixing of your blinds. We also don’t charge too much for the installation of blinds because we care about our customers. So get your blinds now from our store or online.

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