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Curtains are, of course, the most fundamental piece of statement for your window decor, and curtain rods are the things that allow them to make your window look more attractive by giving your beautiful hanging curtains a secure hold.

Basically, curtains rods are used to hang the curtains on them. But, apart from this, there are many other perks of using curtains rods. Although you can use them in many ways, here you will get to know “5 Ways to Use Curtain Rods”.

5 Ways to Use Curtain Rods

Here is 5 Major Uses Of Curtain Rods

Curtain rods usually work to hold up the curtains Dubai and serve windows as a decorative pieces. But, have you ever think of using them in other different ways, i.e. to make your work easier or serves your walls or bathroom as a most elegant decorative piece? Here are some uses that will allow you to gleam up your room, or living space by using these rods. So, let’s have a look at them.

1. Use Curtain Rods to Make A Hanging Gallery Wall

If you are an art person and like to hang artistic photos on your wall, then you must try this hack with curtain or traverse rods. A thin curtain rod will work perfectly to make your hanging gallery wall pretty good enough.

Install a thin curtain rod with wall brackets and here your wall is ready to hang the beautiful photos and art to make it look more decorative. You don’t need to put so much struggle to get it all fixed. All you need to do is just to check if it is straight and give a fine finishing by putting rod caps at the end.

2. Hover Herbs With Rods of Curtains

Turn your garden into a hanging garden by using the rods of your curtains making it look more adorable. You can create a suspended herb garden by using this trick of curtain or you can say traverse rods. Sunshine is the basic need of herbs, so, use curtain rods to make your hanging garden that allows you to have several rows of potted plants of herb so that they could easily clutch the sunlight.

In order to avoid that dripping water mess during watering your plants, you can first place them in a plastic pot with holes, and then put that plastic pot into a terracotta pot. One thing is, you need to make sure that the rod is strong enough to hold all these pots with elbow brackets. Therefore, you can use them to add up an aesthetic look to your ordinary garden.

3. Use Curtain Rods As Utensils Rods

You can use the curtain / traverse rods as utensils rods. You can install them over the stove, sink, or under the upper cabinet with S-hooks or ring clips to hold the utensils. Another advantage of these curtains rods, in the kitchen, is that you can make a utensil’s rack with them over a table.

And, if you have some beautiful items(pots) to display, it is just perfect to have large pots on them, or you can put the dishcloths and oven mitts over them for the quick reach of the action.

4. Form An Awning with Rods of Curtains

Create a beautiful awning to protect yourself and the furniture from the dazzling heat of the sun coming through your window. Use a sun-resistant fabric to make this awning with two curtain rods on the upper and lower edges of the fabric.

All you have to do is, just hook up the upper rod with two brackets above the window and use two extra-large brackets to hook up the lower curtain rod. In this way, you can block that scorching heat of the sun in summer, allowing the airflow and light to come in.

Use Curtain Rods

5. Bring Some Adornment to Your Bathroom by Traverse Rods

Use curtain rods to bring up some elegance and style to your bathroom Curtains. Although the shower curtain rail is perfectly fine, you can use the curtain rods rather than using a shower curtain rail and can bling up your bathroom.

You can either choose a single metal curtain rod, but it will be great if you try a double metal curtain rod with a curtain Dubai on the backside and a beautiful dress curtain in the front. You can even use them as towel rails by putting the curtain brackets with them.

Some Other Uses of Curtain Rods

Although the above-mentioned, are some major uses of curtain rods, that’s not it. They can be used in further many ways and can ease your lifestyle. Some of them are as follows.

  • Can be used in the interior of your bathroom with the bathtub to hang some baskets. 
  • Can be used to organize your accessories (clothes, jewelry, and other items)
  • Can be used to organize your heels in a simple and elegant manner
  • Can be used to organize your scarves and help them not to bundle up
  • Can be used to organize drawers
  • Can be used to make compartments in your closet

To Conclude

In the end, it is now safe to say that you can not only use curtain rods for a specific purpose, i.e. to hang the curtain and make your windows look more decorative. But, you can use them for many other purposes that can provide you ease in different ways.

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