Discover the Latest Trends in Roman Blinds for Dubai Homes

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Window treatments are the best way to revamp the decor statement of your area interior. However, it is quite important to stay up-to-date if you are the one who always wants to keep his/her living space in a modernized and stylish way. So, if we talk about window treatments, Roman blinds are a much more popular choice for most homeowners because they are always in trend and have so many incredible features.

But, with the evolution of everything, Roman blind trends also get changed from time to time. With that being said, in this article, we will learn what is still in trend regarding these blinds and what is out so that you can adorn your space’s interior accordingly. So, without any delay, let’s jump on to our topic and create an adorable appearance for your space by installing the latest window blinds.

From Classic To Contemporary: An Evolution Of Roman Blinds In Dubai

Roman window blinds serve a multitude of purposes, hence becoming an essential choice for people in Dubai. They can regulate the temperature, provide complete privacy, block the sunlight, and can add a magical charm to your space. Also, by having a look at what is in trend and what is not, you will be able to get the ideal window blinds with ease. So, let’s get started!

What’s In Regarding Roman Blinds For Dubai Homes

What’s In Regarding Roman Blinds For Dubai Homes


First, let’s have a look at what is in the trend nowadays regarding Roman blinds so that you can enhance the ornamentation of your Dubai homes accordingly.

1. Natural Fabric

Roman blinds are now manufactured with natural fiber, like silk, cotton, linen, etc, and are considered relatively better options for living places. They are eco-friendly and thus becoming much more popular in the market.

2. Custom Prints

Custom Prints


With the change in trend, now most homeowners are likely to personalize their Roman blinds therefore, custom prints are becoming much more famous. They can range from abstract art to anything that you like and what matches with the interior decor of your home.

3. Neutral Colors

Because Dubai has summer seasons all around the year, therefore, people now prefer neutral colors because they can filter the sunlight and can amazingly create a pleasant environment in your space.

Neutral Colors

4. Motorized Ones

In this modern era, Roman blinds are now available with motorized functioning, which means you can control them with a click of a remote button. These remote-control Roman blinds are becoming increasingly popular as they provide you with a lot of convenience.

What’s Out Regarding Roman Blinds For Dubai Homes

What’s Out Regarding Roman Blinds For Dubai Homes

Now, let’s have a look at what is out of the trend in order to avoid getting your hands on those blinds that will result in a boring appearance of your place.

1. Thicker Fabric

Heavier fabrics are actually becoming less popular in Dubai, like velvet or brocade. They are difficult to get cleaned and require a lot of maintenance. Also, in case of any stain, you may need a professional’s help which clearly is not a budget-friendly option.

2. Bold Patterns

Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are now out of fashion for Roman blinds because people prefer simple and streamlined patterns over bold ones. That’s because such blinds create a traditional style that is no longer in trend, while simple patterns create an elegant appearance.

3. Bright Colors

For a more cohesive look, people opt for neutral colors, and thus bright and flashy colors are losing their popularity for Roman blinds in Dubai homes. These colors are considered to be overwhelming and also diminish the rest of the room decor.

Manual Operation

4. Manual Operation

People now do not go for Roman blinds that are operated manually because of the motorized blinds in the market. Manual Roman Blinds do not provide that much convenience and look really old-fashioned.

To Sum Up

In the end, I hope that now you have a clear idea about what is in trend for Roman blinds so you will make the right choice and can create an inviting atmosphere in your living space. Apart from that, it still depends on your personal preferences for which option you want to go for. But, remaining in trend will make everyone admire your area interior and also your taste in your window dressing.

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