How Can I Blackout A Room Cheaply?

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Window covering treatments are the most common ways to add style, aesthetics, and functionality to your space. Curtains and blinds in the rooms are used for styling purposes and provide privacy to your rooms. If you want to enjoy a midday nap and sleep at night in a completely dark space, you can think about having curtains that can blackout a room easily.

A blackout room is important for a good night’s sleep and high-end privacy in your space. You can blackout your rooms using different curtain materials and window blinds. However, if you are looking for the cheapest ways to blackout a room cheaply, you can stop here because we have listed some fantastic tips for blacking out a room on a budget.

Different Inexpensive Solutions To Blackout Your Rooms

Different Inexpensive Solutions To Blackout Your Rooms

You can blackout your rooms without spending too much money by following specific hacks and tips in this guide.

Temporary Solutions for Blacking Out a Room

1. Blackout Curtains Or Blinds

Blackout Curtains Or Blinds

Blackout curtain and blinds are the most popular choices when blacking out a room. Blackout curtains are made from thick materials, and the blackout lining is tightly woven together not to let the sun and exterior light penetrate them. Likewise, blackout blinds effectively darken the room and don’t allow any potential light leakage through windows.

2. Taping Cardboard

Although it is a temporary solution to cover the windows, you can use good quality cardboard that is inexpensive to purchase from any nearby store. You can seal the window with cardboard, a sturdy solution to block out the incoming light.

3. Foil Windows

Foil Windows

The windows of your rooms will be completely blackout with the aluminum foil window treatment. You can cover your windows the cheapest way possible with the aluminum foil sheet. You can cut the sheet to the size of the window and fix the square to the windows with some quality tape. If needed, you can apply the double layers of foil.

Affordable, Permanent Blackout Solutions

1. Heavy Curtains Or Drapes

Heavy Curtains Or Drapes

Heavier draperies and curtains are the best option to give your rooms the needed privacy and block out the light. Heavier curtains and drapes come with a blackout lining fabric that not only adds insulation but also does not let the light enter your space.

2. Blackout Roller Or Cellular Shades

Another way to blackout a room under your budget is to shop for blackout roller shades for your homes. Blackout cellular shades are known to be the best for excellent light blocking and are affordable. You can install a blackout roller or cellular to give the utmost privacy to your space.

External Blackout Solutions

External Blackout Solutions

1. Install Awnings Or Shutters

The plantation of shutters is the best solution to have a darkening effect in your rooms. You can install the awnings and shutters outside the windows to block out the light sneaking into your space.

2. Plant Trees Or Bushes For Shade

You can plant some trees and bushes outside the room that will not allow the exterior light to penetrate the room. However, it is an exceptional choice, as planting trees or bushes will not block out the light entirely but will darken the rooms to some extent.

Do-It-Yourself Blackout Solutions

1. Creating Your Own Blackout Curtains & Blinds

Creating Your Own Blackout Curtains & Blinds

You can create your blackout curtains or blinds if you want to blackout your rooms on a budget. Creating blackout curtains is very simple if you have the suitable materials. You can lay down the fabric with the right side facing down and place the blackout lining inside the fabric.

For blinds, you can add the blackout lining or light-blocking layer of fabric to the roller blinds and transform them into blackout blinds cheaply. You can use PVC, heavy blackout, plastic sheeting, and bamboo to make the blinds blackout.

2. Sewing Removable Liners

You can stitch down the liners to give additional privacy to your rooms. The liners can be sewn with the existing curtains or drapes. These liners are removable that can be attached to the curtains by preparing and sewing the hem as the initial step. Then sew both side seams of the fabric and pin it up. These liners can be removed easily when you no longer need them.

3. Installing Window Film

Installing Window Film

Another cheaper way to blackout your room to a great extent is the use of window film. You can install it on your windows after cleaning them. Cut down the widow film to the size of your room window and remove the film’s backing.

Apply the film to the window and stick it properly to the corners. Use the paint roller to eliminate the bubbles. Remove the excessive moisture and secure the film on the window properly.

4. Create DIY Canopy Or Tent

You can also create a tent or canopy to have your small space in a totally cozy and utterly dark environment. The tent and canopy can also be used anywhere inside the room and created by yourself using the blackout fabric and installed on the bed for a more private and blackout space.

To Conclude!

Blackout a room means the blacking out of the light throughout the room. There are various ways through which you can make a room completely dark. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to block out the room, you can purchase blackout blinds and curtains at cheap rates. You can tape the foil or cardboard to the windows to darken the room completely.

Besides, purchasing heavier drapes with lining and thick materials can help. Window film, blackout roller, or cellular shades are the internal sources to blackout a room, while you can use the shutters and awnings outside of the room to add darkness to your space.

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