What is the Difference Between Curtains and Drapes?

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There are so many options available regarding window treatments in the market to make your space look more appealing. But, people often got confused in realizing what they actually want for their home windows to make them look decorative. There are some terms, i.e. curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds which people use while buying window treatments.

In the very first place, you need to understand the main difference between curtains and drapes. All these four terms have their own specifications and are used accordingly. Here in this article, you will get to know about the major terms that are mostly used, i.e. curtains and drapes, and their difference so that next time it will be more clear to you that what you actually need while going out to buy some hangings for windows.

Difference Between Curtains and Drapes

Here we will discuss them one by one and get to know the difference between curtains and drapes, and then we will move forward to the shades and blinds.

Utmost Difference Between Curtains And Drapes

Usually, people seem to be confused about curtains and drapes. They took both terms similar and regardless of that what they actually want to hang on their windows; they go for the wrong ones. So, in order to clear that confusion, here are some major differences between curtains and drapes. Let’s start with curtains and then we move further.

No doubt, they both will give a whole ravishing look to your space and more value to your property, but having them accordingly is the main thing so that your space could look more beautiful, and the windows could be the focal point of your home decor.

Curtains as Your Window Treatments

Curtains are, no doubt, the most commonly used window treatments. Talking about the difference between curtains and drapes, unlike drapes, curtains are much lighter in fabric, which tends to let the breeze move in. Curtains are machine washable and people find it very easy to hang them down or replace them whenever they want to. In addition, curtains are not full floor-length, they are usually hung just above the windowsill. Although, they enhance the complete look of your place by coming up in different styles, designs, and colors. They are not made to add warmth to your area as the much lighter fabric is used in the manufacturing of curtains.

Curtains Dubai

They are a perfect choice to make in summers so that a cool breeze could come into your room and make you feel much satisfied. Coming up in a mesmerizing variety, curtains made themselves much appealing in the market for over years. Unlike drapes, curtain can move on the windows by a very gentle pull. Sheer curtains are best for hanging on the window of the kitchen sink, as they cover only half of your window. And, if you want some light to come into your bedroom, you better install curtains as your room window coverings in some neutral colors.

Drapes as Your Window Hangings

Drapes are actually a much more formal set of window coverings than curtains and are not used everywhere in the house like curtains. You see them mostly in the high-class restaurants or hotels and in the dining room of an elegant house. They come up in full floor length and give a luxurious look. They are made up of heavier fabric than curtains, and people mostly like to have much heavier drapes in their homes to add some warmth.

Unlike curtains, they are not machine washable due to their thickness. They can only get vacuum cleaned or dry cleaned, and you can do this task even without hanging them down from the windows. They are actually used for the complete blackout of light from the place so if you want to have a peaceful sleep without getting disturbed by natural light in the morning, drapes are the perfect choice to make.



Talking further about the difference between curtains and drapes, unlike curtains, drapes have a thick lining on their back, which means they are the perfect heat insulators saving a lot of your money. Also, they can work efficiently in reducing the sound coming from the street and getting you disturbed. Having drapes as your window coverings means you are going to have a nice deep sleep or can study with a full concentration on your exam days.

To Curl Up

After talking about the major differences between curtains and drapes. Now, it is safe to say that whenever you go out to make a purchase for your window treatments; you are going to check what you actually need and then select the one according to the requirements of your home. Both have their own specifications and can work efficiently in making you satisfied accordingly.

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