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Designing your small rooms in homes, apartments, and condos with window blinds is not straightforward but rather challenging. The selection of the right window coverings has a substantial influence on maximizing functionality, comfort, and ambiance. As some spaces are difficult to accommodate for styling with blinds and you have to be tricky to create the desired atmosphere.

Styling your windows with dressing essentials in small rooms will undeniably need a lot of smart conduct. If you want to maximize your spaces with blinds, you are at the right place. This comprehensive article by Blackout Curtain covers the different window covering options to have a sense of spaciousness. We’ll be guiding you with the best tricks and tips to make your rooms appear larger.

Useful Hacks To Give A Visual Heights To Your Interiors

Useful Hacks To Give A Visual Heights To Your Interiors

You can transform any small room into a spacious one with the design tricks mentioned ahead. A lot goes into consideration when it comes to choosing blinds for small spaces. Let’s discuss the useful ways and window covering options to visually expand your room’s look.

1. Buy Simple Roller Blinds

Buy Simple Roller Shades


When it comes to the small room windows, roller blinds are the top choice to go for. Rollers are particularly best for the adornment of small room windows. Selecting low-profile window coverings that are not heavy, bulky, or large is the best hack for small space enhancement.

Roller blinds, whether translucent or blackout, are the right ticket that won’t make your space feel suffocated with their simple design profiles. They can make your small room windows appear larger, adding a whimsical and sophisticated touch.

2. Go For Neutral Colors

Go For Neutral Colors of blinds fo small spaces

The selection of the right color palette can give your rooms a larger space impact. Thousands of color tones such as light, bold, and monochromatic ones are available to choose from fabric window coverings. The light fabric tones can create a bright and airy atmosphere, adding a sense of openness.

To make your limited space feel expansive, pick neutral shades from the available choices including whites, beige, pastels, and greys. Also, the light hues give a dramatic vibe, match any interior setting, and create the visual impression of a big space.

3. Choose Minimal And Solid Patterns

Another tip when working with a small space is to select solid colors and layouts depending on your window styles, and surrounding features. Window blinds with solid colors and design profiles can give your rooms a fine touch.

With no striped, floral, or geometric patterns, you can make any space feel less overwhelmed. Keeping the layouts, textures, and patterns of the window coverings to a minimum is a timeless way to create a large visual appeal that is not confined.

4. Select The Outside Mount For Blinds

Select The Outside Mount For Blinds

Making your room more spacious involves another strategic hack of installing blinds outside of the recess. Window coverings can be fitted into the panels in two ways, either inside or outside mount. Outside mounting may seem a bit tricky initially, but it makes a significant difference in the overall appearance of the window.

Installing window essentials outside of the recess makes a space feel less closed in, adding visual height. Also, this outside-mounting approach will offer you the flexibility to choose the extended length and width for your window coverings.


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5. Give A Soft Look With Roman Shades

Give A Soft Look With Roman Blinds

Another window decor choice in the list of window covering for compact rooms is Roman shades. Like rollers, Roman window blinds are one of the most preferred choices for small windows in any residential and commercial space.

The right selection of color, material, and design can make your rooms appear bigger with these pleated yet decent profile window coverings. Constructed from a single fabric piece, they can be customized in length and width to offer complete window coverage, hence, influencing the overall space’s impression, functionality, and ambiance.

6. Coordinate Blinds With Room Walls

Match Blinds With Room Walls

The unified look of the whole room contributes majorly to making a room look spacious. To create a cohesive look, you can align the color of the blinds with the wall paint. With a minimal design of window coverings and neutral wall paint, the room will appear more spacious.

Choosing neutral and light colors will not only brighten up your space but also offer an excellent finish. Never use contrasting colors for window covering fabrics particularly when you are trying to give your space an illusion of spaciousness.

7. Think About Light-Filtering Shades

Think About Light-Filtering Shades

Opting for window dressings that can filter soft light into your space is another hack to give your room a wider look. The lightweight, soft, and semi-sheer materials like duplex or zebra blinds can be used to enhance the whole effect of a place, adding a softening impact.

With soft colors, these light-casting blinds generate the impression of a vast space while improving the space ambiance. The soft filtered light when enters your room, makes your space feel less closed in. In addition, these light-filtering shades reduce the feeling of crampedness that is most of the time associated with small spaces, adding a feeling of openness.

8. Blinds With Pick Cordless Style

Blinds With Pick Cordless Style

To give your rooms a streamlined look, you can purchase cordless motorized blinds. These window coverings enhance the small space efficiently with their timeless and sleek design. With this cordless style, you don’t have to manually deal with cords and strings, rather, a simplistic remote control mechanism will work wonders, eliminating the need for dangling cords.

To enhance your small space, these smart and automatic coverings are the best option that are safe for pets and kids. If you are more concerned about keeping things precise and clear, smart shades are your go-to choice. This minimalistic style option brings a sense of spaciousness with its decluttered design profiles.

9. Mount Window Coverings Higher

For an expanded area impression, another timeless hack is to mount your window coverings higher. When the window covering’s line is extended vertically upward, it creates the perception of a higher ceiling. Using this approach, you expose most of the wall portion above the window.

And, this extra wide space, gives an elongated window illusion, contributing to the sense of visual spaciousness. Also, this will allow smooth light flow throughout the room, inherently making a space feel bigger and improving brightness and ambiance depending on the fabric’s length, color, style, and opacity.

10. Go For A Custom Option

Custom window fit is another practical solution to give your small and confined spaces an illusion of bigger ones. The selection of the right fabric material, opacity, color tone, texture, layouts, and length greatly contributes to giving your rooms a dimensional height. To make your windows look seamlessly beautiful and cohesive, blind personalization is the ideal solution.

Examine window dimensions and styles and double-check the measurements to make sure that it will be a perfect fit. The right material and design selection for window coverings will majorly influence the overall aesthetics, enhancing the impression of a wide space.

To Sum Up!

To visually expand the look of your rooms, window blinds are the best option that add decorative effect while keeping the design to its minimum. To give your rooms a large space illusion, you must stick to neutral colors and solid designs. Also, you must select fabrics with minimal design profiles to not overwhelm a space.

Aside from that, outside of the recess, roller, and Roman are the definitive choices to give your rooms a feel of spaciousness. Duplex and light-filtering window coverings are other best hacks to make a room appear bigger. Lastly, you can pick cordless styles for window coverings to give your interiors a visual height. Depending on your window style and personalized statement, the best sort of blind can be selected to create an illusion of a bigger space with this comprehensive guide.

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