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Designing your small rooms in homes and apartments with window blinds is not always an applicable option. The layout and interior design of every space keeps varying and so is the window measurements. Some rooms are too small to style with blinds, especially those that have a bedroom where a bed hardly fits and a living room where a dining table is difficult to accommodate.

When your home has a compact room and you need to style your windows with blinds, it will undeniably need a lot of smart conduct. Simply the appearance of a larger space will be enough to give your rooms a unique appearance and fascinating décor. To have the feeling of an open and spacious place, we have come up with the best tricks and tips that will make your sarooms appear larger.

Interesting Hacks To Give A Visual Heights To Your Living Rooms

Interesting Hacks To Give A Visual Heights To Your Living Rooms

You can transform any small-sized room into a spacious one with the designing tricks mentioned ahead. A lot goes into consideration when it comes to choosing blinds for small spaces. Let’s get straight to those simple ways that you can follow to visually expand your room’s look.

1. Go For Neutral Colors

Go For Neutral Colors of blinds fo small spaces

Sometimes, with only a few changes, you can give your spaces an impact of a larger space. Like, when you hit the market for the purchase of blinds, you should look for the right color palette. Thousands of color tones are there, such as light, bold, and monochromatic shades. At this point, you have to be creative regarding the selection of colors for blinds.

To get the illusion of a large, airy, and unique place, you have to pick neutral colors. Among the available choices, you can choose whites, beige, pastels, and greys which will add a sense of elegance and give a dramatic vibe to your space while matching with the rest of the decor. The best choice to improve a space’s attractiveness is to use lighter shades for the blinds’ fabric.

2. Choose Minimal Patterns & Layouts

Choose Minimal Patterns & Layouts

Depending on the window styles, features, and surrounding decor of a place, always go for fabrics with solid colors and design profiles. With subtle designs and patterns of the blinds, you can give your rooms a fine touch.

With no striped, floral, or geometric patterns, you can make any space feel extraordinarily luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. Keeping the layouts, textures, and patterns of the blinds to a minimum is the best way to create a large visual appeal in your spaces.

3. Select The Outside Mount For Blinds

Select The Outside Mount For Blinds

One of the best tricks to make a room more spacious than it is is to choose the way of installing blinds. Window blinds, whether of any type, can be fitted to the window panels in two forms, which is inside and outside of the recess. Outside mounting might seem a bit tricky initially, but it makes a significant difference in the overall appearance of the window.

Among the outside or inside mount, the one that can create a better impression of a large space is installing blinds outside of the recess. Installing blinds outside the mount will give a visual height to the windows and you also have the flexibility to choose the extended length and width with an external mount.

4. Buy Simple Roller Shades

Buy Simple Roller Shades

When it comes to the small windows of the rooms, roller blinds are the top choice to go for. Roller blinds are particularly best for the adornment of the small windows of the room. With these blinds, you can style your places in a sleek and modern way.

Roller shades, whether simple or blackout, can be purchased with the additional fabric length. This is because they can make your small room windows appear larger and eventually expand the entire space’s look.

5. Give A Soft Look With Roman Blinds

Give A Soft Look With Roman Blinds

Another window decor choice in the list of blinds for small living spaces is Roman shades. Like roller blinds, Roman blinds are one of the most preferred choice for small windows in homes and offices.

With the right selection of color, material, and design, you can make your rooms appear bigger with Roman window blinds. These blinds come with a single fabric piece that can be customized in length and width to get complete window coverage and, hence, enhance the impression of a space in a unique way.

6. Match Blinds With Room Walls

Match Blinds With Room Walls

The unified look of the whole room contributes majorly to making a room look spacious. If your room is painted with the same color, you can align the color of the blinds with the wall paint. The minimal the design of the blinds, the more the room will look large.

Consider choosing neutral and light colors that will not only brighten up your space but also give it a seamless finish. Never use contrasting colors when you are trying to give your space an illusion of spaciousness.

7. Think About Light-Filtering Blinds

Think About Light-Filtering Blinds

Opting for blinds that can filter soft light into your space is another hack to give your room a wider look. The lightweight, soft, and semi-sheer materials like duplex or zebra blinds can be used to enhance the effect of a place. With soft colors and gentle appeal, these light-casting blinds generate the impression of a vast space while improving the space ambiance.


To visually expand the look of your rooms, window blinds can be used that can put a room together while keeping the design to its minimum. For visual enhancement and to create the impression of a large space, you must stick to neutral colors for blinds. Select fabrics with minimal design profiles. Aside from that, outside of the recess, roller, and Roman are the definitive choices to give your rooms a feel of a spacious place. Duplex and light-filtering window blinds are other best hacks to make a room look bigger.

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