Which Curtains Are Best For The Kitchen?

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When setting up the kitchen, most of the homeowners only focus on the appliances and furniture. They do not even think about the curtains. But the curtains play a specific role in elevating the looks of the kitchen. The owners barely think about the type of window curtain that may or may not fit into their decors. Knowing about all the types of kitchen curtains is an essential skill that helps you in adorning your kitchen properly and beautifully.


Here We Came Up With Research About Different Types of Kitchen Curtains

This article will make your job easier to select the most trendy curtains that will give your kitchen a decent and worth-seeing look.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are the most common type of curtains that people use in their kitchens. These curtains are made up of linen, sheer fabric, and polyester. Sometimes these curtains have pleats on the top, we hang them from their rings at the top. These curtains typically have the rods halfway down the window, covering the lower part. The further classification of cafe curtains are:

Full-Window Cafe Curtains

Full-window cafe curtains come with a length of approximately 45 inches. These curtains cover the whole window and enhance your privacy. Such cafe curtains are usually hung close to the ceiling top or at the top as well.

Half-Window Cafe Curtains

This type of cafe curtain only covers the bottom half of your window. They easily blend with the other kitchen appliances and decors, enhancing the beauty of your kitchen. Such curtains have different vibrant colors and unique designs. They allow the light to let into your kitchen and glow it up.

These curtains have affordable prices, and they can be installed very easily. The only demerit of these curtains is that they do not give you privacy. The solution to this privacy issue is to get a matching valance.

Valance Curtains

These are the short pieces of clothes used to cover the top of the windows. They are 180 degrees opposite the cafe curtains. The homeowners that have limited floor space in their kitchens often use these valances.

Balloon Kitchen Valances

These balloon valances are also known as cloud or pouf valances because of their balloon-like appearance. This balloon shape is created by doubling the fabric and ruching it along the top. People usually pair these valances with cafe curtains to increase privacy. These valances are the instant addition to the beauty and lively look of your kitchen.

Swag Kitchen Valance

These valance curtains are sophisticated, as the name suggests. We installed them by hanging the drapes at the top of the window with the tails hanging down from both sides. These swag valance curtains have a formal appearance and give your kitchen a quite decent and smooth look.

Box Pleat Kitchen Valance

When the valance bottom has a straight edge and they divide its width into pleated sections, then box pleat valance curtains occur. These pleated sections are also known as boxes. It equally spaced them to give your interior an elegant look. These curtains make your kitchen look more beautiful and give it a cozy look.

Shades Curtains

These curtains have panels that you can pull up and down. It is done by using a cord. The panels are made from hard materials like polythene or lace fabrics. Shades curtains show effective insulating qualities and are good insulators against heat and cold. I mentioned the most suitable types of shade curtains for kitchens below:

Roman Shades

This is the most popular type of roman shade. When you pull it up, it stacks up into pleats in a very symmetrical order. When they are down, these are too effective in light blocking. These shades are commonly made of hard fabric materials or wood. They will give your kitchen a proper, elegant look matching with decors and colors of your kitchen.

Bamboo Shades

Unlike Roman shades, these bamboo-type shades allow the light to filter in when closed. They give your kitchen a relaxing look with their perfect tropical appearance. These curtains are best for homeowners that are environmentally conscious. Bamboo shades are very easy to maintain and are 100% natural. The major downside of these bamboo shades is that they are fragile and can easily be damaged.

Pull Down Shades

If you are looking for privacy and simplicity, then pull-down shades are the best option for you. These shades blend superbly with almost all types of kitchen decors and are very easy to install. They are made of such a fabric that is easy to clean as well. The major benefit of using these pull-down shades is that they avoid the UV light entering the kitchen that harms your kitchen furniture. They also allow enough light to enter the kitchen.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are made from very lightweight fabrics or materials. These curtains are thin and transparent enough that they allow sufficient light to come into the kitchen and they provide a bit of privacy as well. The soft colors and unique delicate designs of these curtains nicely add to the beauty and elegance of the kitchen.

One pro of using them is that you can install them very easily at a window of any size. And the con is that these sheer curtains are bad insulators which means that your kitchen will remain hot during hot weather and they will chill it in the cold weather.

Curtain Panels To The Floor Length

These curtains come in a large variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. Their length ranges from 63 to 144 inches. The kitchens with a lot of floor space look beautiful with these full-length curtain panels. For getting the right measurement you have to measure from the floor to the point where you hang your curtain rod.

For “puddling” you can add some extra inches as well. This is the pooled effect to the floor for the purpose of style. But we must warn you if they are installed in this way then regular cleaning must be practiced. These full-length curtain panels provide you with complete privacy and protect you from harsh weather conditions as they are good insulators as well.

The End Note

In this article, we have provided you with sufficient information about the curtains that you can use in your kitchen. But the beauty will totally depend on the client’s taste and style of your kitchen decors and their colors. By reading this article, now you have enough knowledge that you can choose the curtains of the best quality, textures, and designs for your kitchen.

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