How To Clean And Maintain Velvet Curtains In Dubai?

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Velvet curtains are the perfect choice for covering windows as they add a sense of style and elegance to any space. These curtains with soft textures and luxurious looks enhance the aesthetic value of your interiors. They are a fully functional and stylistically versatile choice for any interior room upgrade. Having these curtains in your commercial and domestic places will be the most sumptuous and functional decor idea due to their practical features.

Velvet curtains come with different fabrication materials including crushed, synthetic, and silk velvet. Based on their fabric type, these curtains offer excellent privacy, light blockage, and energy efficiency. But the most noticeable aspect that could keep their visual and shine sustained for a long time is their maintenance and care. In this article, we have explained the easy ways to get your velvet curtains cleaned and properly maintained.

Effective Tips & Easy Steps To Take Care of Your Velvet Curtains

Easy Steps To Take Care of Your Velvet Curtains

When it comes to contemporary and luxurious types of drapes, velvet curtains are considered a royal and grand fabric to improve the aesthetic beauty of any place. But the thing that is crucial for their sleek and fresh appearance is their cleaning and maintenance. For cleaning, grab these tools and materials first.

Supplies & Tools To Clean Velvet Curtains

  • Soft Bristle Attachment
  • A Clean Microfiber Cloth
  • Mild Detergent
  • Soft Brush
  • Warm Water
  • A large Tub
  • A Step Ladder
  • Dry Towel
  • Steam Cleaner

1. Dust Off The Dirt Regularly

Dust Off The Dirt Regularly

To keep your curtains looking fresher and dust-free, it is hygienically vital to keep them clean. You should dust off the dirt and accumulated dust from these curtains on a regular basis.

To get rid of the dirt and dust, you can use upholstery or soft bristle attachment. While using the step ladder, work downwards to eliminate the accumulated dust entangled in the textured fabric of velvet curtains.

2. Hand-Wash Your Velvet Drapes

Hand-Wash Your Velvet Drapes

To prevent damage to the fabric, you should look for the guidelines to wash the velvet curtains. So, make sure to check the label on the curtains or ask the manufacturer to consult before all types curtains cleaning them but hand wash is recommended particularly for these curtains.

To hand wash velvet, take a bucket full of water and add the suitable amount of mild detergent to it. Soak the curtains while mixing the detergent until the solution becomes sudsy. Gently rub the curtains in the sudsy water to blot away the stains and let the fabric dry after eliminating excessive water.

3. Dry-Clean Velvet Curtains

Dry-Clean Velvet Curtains

When it comes to dry cleaning, pure velvet is the one that should be dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning the velvet will extend the lifetime of these curtains and keep their appearance and quality sustained without damaging any part of it.

To dry a clean velvet curtain, you can remove small stains with water and commercial detergent. While using a dry towel, you can eliminate the excess water from the curtains and let it dry in the air.

4. Spot Or Steam Cleaning Your Curtains

Spot Or Steam Cleaning Your Curtains

Spot cleaning of curtains is the best way to make them preserved from damaging their appearance for a long time. Whenever your curtains get subjected to spills and stains accidentally, take a soft microfiber cloth and dip it in soapy water and rub away the stains.

For steam cleaning, you can use a handheld steamer, and use it at the back of the curtains. Steam cleaning will not only remove the creases but also won’t damage the fabric of your curtains.

6. Machine-Wash Them


Although velvet curtains are heavy-weight they can be machine-washed as well. You cannot machine wash the pure velvet but crushed or polyester velvet can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Besides, colorfast velvet curtains can also be cleaned in the machine on a delicate cycle. Make sure to use cold water and a negligible amount of detergent. Never place them in the dryer after vacuuming them and always let them dry on a clean sheet.

Maintenance Tips For Velvet Curtains

1. Remove Wrinkles & Creases

Remove Wrinkles & Creases

To restore the original shape and feel of the velvet curtains, you can steam clean the velvet which will remove all the creases and wrinkles from the surface.

2. Use A String or Rope To Take them Off

To operate these heavier drapes, you must use the curtain string or rope. This is because frequent opening and closing of these curtains with hands can crush the fabric. Besides, finger marks will make the fiber look dirty.

3. Never Iron Velvet Curtains

Don’t iron velvet curtains because it can crush the pile of curtain fabric. To keep the curtain fabrication sustained for a long time and away from damage, avoid ironing it.

Never Iron Velvet Curtains

4. Never Forget to Check The Label

When you go for cleaning velvet curtains at home, first of all, check out the instruction label of these curtains.

5. Professional Cleaning

It is always a great idea to get your curtains cleaned by expert cleaners. As they are specialized, they will take the best care of your curtains, and properly cleaned and maintained curtains will accelerate the life of the fabric.

To Conclude

Velvet is a heavyweight fabric for curtains that comes in a range of thicknesses and often has a luxurious sheen. Velvet curtains require special care and maintenance because of their plush texture, and sleek appearance. Before cleaning these curtains, always check for the label because most velvet curtains can be dry-cleaned only. To remove dust, a soft bristle attachment is enough, and spot-cleaning should be done right away if these curtains get stains over them. Another pro tip about the cleaning of these window curtains is that you should seek professional help.

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