What Curtains Are Best For Blackouts?

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Curtains are window coverings with various functional features, colors, and design profiles. There are different types of curtains in the market, but if you are looking for the window covering treatment that is best for blackouts, this guide is for you. Blackout curtains are designed to block out light and provide complete darkness in a room. There are several blackout curtains, including thermal and room-darkening curtains.

When choosing blackout curtains, consider factors such as material (e.g. polyester, cotton, linen, thermal fabrics), color, style, size, and price. Top brands for blackout curtains include Livingwithwhite.com, Fixit design, and Fixing expert. Proper maintenance and care, such as machine washing or spot cleaning, can ensure the longevity and effectiveness of blackout curtains.

We Have Described The Different Types of Blackout Curtains

Here we have described the different types of blackout curtains

1. Thermal Curtains

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains feature an acrylic foam layer and come with a double or triple layer of fabric to offer great insulation in your rooms. These curtains are ideal for blackout curtains as they can block out the light effectively and create a seal between the fabric and the window panel. These curtains are designed to reduce heat loss and enhance the privacy level.

2. Room Darkening Curtains

Room Darkening Curtains

Room darkening curtains are made with lined fabric but they don’t block out the light completely as the blackout curtains do. You can give your rooms a darkening effect with these curtains. They let a small amount of light come into your space. These curtains are also referred to as dim-out curtains.

3. Heavy Velvet Curtains

Heavy Velvet Curtains

Another luxurious choice for blackouts is velvet curtains made from weighty materials. These curtains come with a dense pile and evenly spun fiber compositions. They are made to block out sunlight, offer privacy, and create a dark and cozy environment. It is the most practical choice to enjoy quality sleep.

4. Grommet & Rod Pocket Blackout Curtains

Grommet & Rod Pocket Blackout Curtains

These curtains feature fabric with punched rings that don’t offer an extended level of privacy. But you can use them along with the blackouts for additional privacy. People prefer these curtains for style and heavier ones for proper coverage.

5. Blackout & Privacy Curtains

Blackout & Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains are explicitly designed to have the utmost privacy in your spaces. Blackout curtains come with triple weave technology, tightly woven fabrics, and a blackout lining to offer high-end privacy to your residencies. These curtains completely block out the light and darken your rooms.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Blackout Curtains

Here are the factors you should consider when purchasing blackout curtains.

1. Material

When shopping for blackout curtains, first of all, think about the fabric materials. As these curtains are created from different fiber compositions, including polyester, cotton, linen, and thermal fabrics.

Usually, these curtains are made from polyester and a combination of cotton and polyester. The use of heavy microfiber makes these curtains the best choice in terms of materials.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Blackout Curtains

2. Color

The selection of color is another important aspect to consider for blackouts. A variety of color options are there in the market for these curtains. You can select solid neutral or dark-colored curtains for your home decor. But keep the interior scheme, window type, and wall color in your mind and choose accordingly.

3. Style

Styling of the curtains makes a big impact on the overall appearance of the room. The most widely used styles for blackout curtains are grommet and rod pockets with either smaller or thicker pleats. Besides that, you can use the tie-backs as the hanging style.

Size of Blackout Curtains

4. Size

Buy the fabric according to the width of the windows, and you can select the length according to your choice. The length of the curtains can touch, float, or puddle over the floors for a stylish touch. Take the proper measurements before buying blackout curtains using a measuring tape.

5. Price

The cost to purchase curtains depends on the magnitude of the fabric and the brand you choose to buy blackouts. You can search for the blackout curtains’ price to get an idea and decide on the budget accordingly.

6. Durability

The quality of the curtains depends on the brand you choose. Some suppliers sell cheap quality products with an affordable price tag. You should check the material of the fabric by taking the fabric into your hands.

Top Brands For Blackout Curtains

  • Livingwithwhite.com
  • Flooringdubai.com
  • Fixitdesign.ae

Maintenance and Care of Blackout Curtains

Maintenance and Care of Blackout Curtains

You can get an idea of the upkeep of blackouts from the details below.

1. Cleaning

The most rapid way to clean the blackout curtains is to dust off them curtains. Before deep cleaning blackouts, you should at least dust off the dirt or dust using the handheld vacuum. Or you can give your curtains a good shake to get off the accumulated dust.

2. Machine Washable

Although you dust off the dirt, the particles that can only be eliminated with machine wash remain there. The fabric of these curtains is of high quality and can be washed in the machines, but you should clean them with mild detergent and on a gentle cycle to avoid damaging the appearance.

Machine Washable

3. Dry Or Spot Cleaning

Dry cleaning of the blackouts should be gently done with solvent-based cleaning. It is the best choice for curtains with delicate fabrics. Curtains that are not washable in the machines can be dry-cleaned by professionals.

For spot cleaning, you’ll need soap or mild detergent, warm water, and a microfiber cloth. Dilute the cleaning solution and use the cloth to blow away the stains gently. You can also use the stain remover but don’t rub the surface harshly. Remove the excessive solution from the fabric once the stain is removed.

To End Up!

Blackout curtains are the most unique and versatile decorating elements available in plenty of styles, colors, textures, patterns, and material choices. If you are looking for curtains that are best for blackouts, velvet, thermal, room darkening, privacy or blackout curtains are the best choices. Besides, you should look for the brands, colors, styles, sizes, costs, and materials for the blackout curtains. Don’t forget to ask about the ease of installation and maintenance of the curtains and cleaning methods.

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