How Vertical Blinds Are Installed?

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In this modern age, who is not familiar with vertical window blinds? But yes, people are unfamiliar with the installation process of these blinds, which results in functional failure later on. So it is the need of the hour to know about the How Vertical Blinds Are Installed and proper technique for putting your blinds up on your windows.

For the DIYers who prefer to perform every task on their own, this article is going to offer them a golden chance to learn about the accurate hanging technique of vertical blinds without any flaws with low costs. So DIYers, hold tight on your seats and come forward to enjoy a ride full of information about blind installation tactics.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Vertical Blinds Installation

Vertical blinds are the most popular window-treating elements with the most straightforward installation process. If you don’t want to hire a professional for the installation of these blinds or believe in self-performing this task by engaging your technical mind, then this guide is purely for you.

Let’s begin with the basics and sum up the whole installation process in simple steps to expedite the whole installation process.

Grab The Required Supplies

Grab The Required Supplies

So isn’t it a fact that you have to get the related tools and blind parts for initiating the installation of vertical blinds? Yes, without any objection, this is obvious, so the supplies you will need are jotted down.

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Spirit level
  • Power drill
  • Impact driver
  • Screws
  • Brackets
  • Headrail
  • Vanes
  • Child safety device
  • Valance and valance clips (optional)
  • Safety glasses

Step 1: Inside Or Outside Mounting

Inside Or Outside Mounting

The first step to install these blinds is to decide whether you are going to install these blinds inside or outside. But for the record, this decision should be taken prior to purchasing vertical blinds as outside mount requires larger blinds. On the other hand, if you are going to mount these blinds inside, then a more precise measurement is what you require.

Generally, an inside mount for these blinds is suggested in case the recess of your window is deep enough. Likewise, if you have got some hindrances or the window recess is shallow, then you can go for the outside mounting as well.

Step 2: Make An Estimate Of the Area To Be Covered

Make An Estimate Of the Area To Be Covered

After deciding on the mount, take your measuring tape out and calculate the total edge-to-edge area (dimensions) of the window by measuring the recess. This method must be applied if you have decided to mount the blinds inside.

In the case of outside mounting, you have to measure the same way but make an addition of 5 cm on each side to ensure full window coverage. This will overcome all the privacy problems and light leaking issues at the same time.

Step 3: Make Specks For Installing Brackets

Make Specks For Installing Brackets

Now you have to install the brackets and for this purpose, mark the points where your brackets will go. These markings could be on the frame of your window for an inside mounting or can be on the walls of your interiors for an outside mounting. For the exact and accurate place for the bracket installation, make sure to use a measuring tape.

Step 4: Let’s Whirl The Drill

Let’s Whirl The Drill

In this step, grab the drilling machine and make holes in the already marked specks. Then get your impact driver and screw the bracket in those holes to make a firm attachment. To ensure the proper leveling and position of the brackets, use the leveling device.

You can skip this process during the inside mounting, but it should not be ignored while you are going to do outside mounting.

Step 5: It’s Time To Fit Headrails Into Brackets

It’s Time To Fit Headrails Into Brackets

Place the headrail into the first groove of the bracket to hang it. Now you have to hear a click sound in the back of the bracket, which indicates the perfect adjustment, and for this, you have to tilt the back of the headrail.

In case the length of your headrail and window is longer, then it is possible that you have to lend a pair of helping hands as well.

Step 6: Hook The Vanes Up

Hook The Vanes Up

So now is the most crucial step where we have to hang up the vanes of your blinds. To hook these vanes in the headrail, slide them one by one into the plastic clips. Now carefully tug down to ensure that they are fallen at the right place in the right manner.

Step 7: Child Safety Device & Blind Wand Addition

Child Safety Device & Blind Wand Addition

Add your blind wand on the headrail, which allows you to operate these blinds. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, install the child safety device. Ensure your mount is high enough to keep the device out of the children’s access.

Step 8: Give Your Newly Installed Blinds a Trial

Give Your Newly Installed Blinds a Trial

In the last step, test your vertical blinds, and check whether they are tilting and turning correctly. In case you want to draw the blinds back, use the blind wand. During the back-and-forth motion, all the vines must be in an open condition when sliding them, otherwise, you may damage them.


We have brought this step-by-step vertical blind installation guide from the heaven of DIYers directly. All the steps in this piece of writing comprise comprehensive information about the installation of your vertical blinds on your own. By following this guide, you can attain the next level of being pro at installing these vertical blinds.

So dear DIYers, we hope that your experience of reading this article has been outstanding and that now you have got a complete command over the installation of vertical blinds. So what are you waiting for? Grab the tools, do it yourself, and rock like a pro. And don’t forget to pay regular visits to our site in order to get DIY solutions for your routine issues. Happy Installation!

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