How To Clean All Type of Curtains? 5 Easy Steps To Clean Curtains

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How To Clean All Type of Curtains? Curtains are, no doubt, the most fundamental piece of style in your entire home decor which makes it look more attractive. In order to create an eye-catching look at your space, it is important to clean curtains. Of course, there are so many different types of curtains which you might have installed in the different places of your home, i.e. bedroom, living area, guest room, etc. So, you must know how to clean all types of curtains. 

For a better understanding of the cleaning methods of all sorts of curtains Dubai, here we are to guide you in the most elementary way. There are some methods that you can apply to clean the curtains accordingly and add some more value to your property. 

Some Tactics To How To Clean All Type of Curtains?

Before you make a jump to learn the tactics to How To Clean All Type of Curtains?, it is necessary to have some items with which you have to clean them. So, here are some of the items that you will need, make sure you have them accordingly. 

Items That You Will Need To How To Clean All Type of Curtains

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Washing Detergents
  • Washing Machine
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Upholstery attachments
  • Cloth dryer

When you are ready with all these items, you can apply the following methods to clean your alluring curtains, allowing them to add some charm to the beauty of your living place. 

1. Clean All Type of Curtains on Weekly Basis

In order to clean your curtains weekly so that they always look good and attractive, you will need an upholstery brush attached to the vacuum cleaner. This step is for the heavier curtains so that they could get cleaned easily. But, if the curtains are not so heavy and are of soft and light fabric, you might need just an occasional shake so that the delicate fiber of the curtains won’t get any damage. 

One of the most important steps to How To Clean All Type of Curtains is to look out for stains, if you see any, treat them immediately. Also, the top of the curtains is the most important part to get cleaned. You can use a dusting brush to remove any kind of soil/dust particles from there and get it cleaned enough. 

2. Use Washing Machine To Clean Your Alluring Curtains Accordingly

First thing first, read the label attached on your curtains that either they are machine washable or not, or ask the salesperson how to give them machine wash. Because some curtains require cold water and a small amount of laundry detergent to get cleaned. And, some curtains require a simple machine cleaning. 

The curtains with delicate lace or sheer cannot get washed in the machine, directly. You need to put them in the pillowcase instead and shut that pillowcase tight enough so that curtains won’t come out and get damaged during the wash. This method is, of course, not to clean all types of curtains, that is why you must read the label first. 

3. Get Your Washable Curtains Dried

This step is only for those curtains which are washable. Dry your curtains after getting them washed, with the line drying method or using a low setting of the dryer machine. The most important thing in this step is, you have to get them out of the machine before they get 100% dried. Take them out when they are a little bit damp, i.e. 95% dry. 

If you get them out 100% dried, there will be strong wrinkles which make your ironing process much difficult. So, if you get them out when they are 95% dry, it will make the ironing process a much easier process because when you are going to hang them again on the windows to make your space look adorable. After the washing process, you have to iron them so that they look beautiful while hanging and beautifying the area. 

4. Apply Dry Cleaning Method on Your Endearing Hangings

Again, read the label attached on your curtains to check if they get clean with the dry cleaning method only or they are machine washable because some curtains cannot get washed in the machine and their label itself says, dry clean only. Otherwise, if you still get them washed, it going to be at your own risk. 

This might damage the fabric of your curtains, which ultimately causes them to look rough and wear out quickly. Dry cleaning is the key to get such curtains clean because if they don’t get dry cleaned, the fabric of such curtains may get fade away or some curtains might get shrink or pill. And, if you still want to give them a wash, try not to wash anything else with them and give them a gentle wish with a little amount of mild detergent. 

5. Sue The Steam Clean Tactic to Get Your Hangings Clean

The steam cleaning method is only for those curtains which can withstand the machine wash. However, the washing machine cleans the curtains more effectively than the steam cleaning process, but you can apply it if you don’t want any type of mess, i.e. hanging them down, then get them cleaned in the washing machine and do the drying process all over. 

If the curtains are not so dirty, you can give them quick steam clean so that they look attractive and appealing, making themselves a focal point of your home interior. 

To Curl Up

In the end, it is recommended to first read the label first or ask the salesperson about How To Clean All Type of Curtains?, because different curtains have different methods to get cleaned. A single method is not applicable to clean all types of curtains. So, it will be better if you read the label and then apply a method accordingly to clean your beautiful curtains.

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