How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling?

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Curtains are, of course, a fundamental piece of statement for any living space to make it look decorative. And, when you are going to rent a house or you just renovated your house, you must want to hang curtains without drilling process so that wall won’t get any holes and look decorative, enough. Also, hanging curtains by following this drilling method is frustrating.

So, here are some easy and simple methods to get your windows to look decorative by hangings some beautiful window curtains online without any effort/drilling process. These methods will install your curtains in no time and allow your windows to be the focal point of your space.

How to Hang Curtains Without Drillings

Some Easy Ways Regarding, “How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling”

The methods given below are quite easy and simple and let you hang curtains without drilling. Hence, you can decorate your space within no time and install the pretty curtains on your windows without any nails, screws, or anything which can make a hole in the wall. Your walls won’t get any damage, and your whole space will get a ravishing look.

1. Use 3m Command Hooks To Hang Curtains Without Drilling

If you are going to hang light fabric curtains over your windows, you can use 3M command hooks and hang curtains without drilling. These hooks are used for various purposes, i.e. to hang pictures, arts, keys, and also to hang curtains without drilling, etc.

The use of these hooks is really very easy. If the width of your window is 30 inches, you will need at least 2 hooks to hang curtains. And, if wider than 30 inches, you may need a third hook to give some support in the middle of it.

Now, peel off the command strip adhesive and apply it to the hook. Hold the hook against the wall for at least 30 seconds and then leave it. After applying hooks on the walls, just hang your curtains and allow them to glorify your space. Make sure you don’t hang heavy curtains or drapes with these hooks because they can take only seven and a half pounds.

2. Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets Are Perfect For The Drapes

These Curtain rods are much easy to get installed without damaging the walls, and there is no need to take measurements of your window frame before hanging them. The installation of these rods takes minutes and can hold up to 20 pounds of weight, thus making themselves appealing to hang curtains without drilling.

All you need to do is just to align these brackets to the corners of the window and then tap on them with a hammer, a few times.

Now, hang your drapes and add some beautification to your space. Using these rod brackets is the most durable way to hang curtains without drilling. Hang any type of curtains from sheer to heavy velvet or draperies on them.

3. Tension Rods Will Help You Hang Curtains Without Drilling

Tension rods are adjustable and can be stretched from one end of the window frame to another end. These rods can be installed easily in few minutes, requiring no measurements. All you need to do with tension rods to hang curtains without drilling is hang the curtains on these rods and insert that rod into the frame of your window.

Make sure the rod is of the size of your window frame so that you could install it into the frame properly. They are perfect to hang curtains (sheer or any other light fabric curtains) from the top of the window.

4. Make Your Space Look Innovative By Hanging Curtains With Coat Hooks

Generally, coat hooks are used to hold the buttons of raincoats and bags, but you can also use them to hang curtains and elevate your place to the next level. This is the best method to hang curtains without drilling.

In order to use these hooks, first of all, you have to check how many hooks do you need to hang curtains on your windows. Then, check how much apart you want your hook to be for even distribution and mark those spots.

Install these inexpensive hooks into your window frame and loop the curtain holes onto the hooks. And here you go with your beautiful hangings, making your space much desirable.

5. Magnetic Curtain Rods Works Ideally On Metal Doors

Magnetic curtains are an excellent choice to hang curtains without drilling on the metal doors. It is the easiest way to install the curtains in your spaces and creates an elegant look. First thing first, measure the size of the curtains that you are going to hang.

Now, make sure that the space between the window edge and the metal door edge could accommodate the magnetic curtain rods brackets so that the brackets could easily get clicked on the metal door.

Now just hang your curtain on that rod and place the rod into those brackets. Therefore, you can install your alluring hangings in your space without any effort, i.e. drilling process.

To Sum Up!!!

Now, you don’t have to go through with that drilling process every time you are going to install the hangings in your windows and try to make your space look adorable enough. These methods require no hard work, and your walls won’t get any damage, i.e. holes, thus allowing your place to look much appealing.

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