How to Measure Curtain Size? | 4 Easy Steps To Perfect Fit

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Curtains are the most fundamental piece of statement to treat your windows and make them look adorable. Curtains give a satisfying and comfy feel to your living space, hanging on the windows, in beautiful colors and patterns. They are the perfect window treatments in every manner. But, before you go out to make a purchase of curtains for your windows, measure their size.

Decide, of which size, do you want your curtains to be, or of which size curtains Dubai will go perfectly with your living place windows? Speaking about the measurement of curtains for your windows, you must know “How to Measure Curtain Size?”, so that you will buy the perfect stylish curtains to enhance the beauty of your home interior.

How to measure curtain size

Tips Regarding, “How To Measure Curtains For Your Home’s Windows”

The right and perfect curtain size add beauty, warmth, and elegance to your living space. In addition, it provides privacy and filters the sunlight, hence making itself much appealing for your home. So, here are some tips which will help you to measure the perfect size of curtains for your windows so that your living place could become much stylish and attractive.

1. Use The Mounting Approach

When you are ready to measure curtain size, decide whether you will set them outside the window frame or inside the window. This is the most important thing to decide before taking any measurements. Because each mounting offers a unique style of curtains to hang on your windows.

Outside Mounting Of Curtains

The style, to set the curtains outside of your window frame is the most common one. When you mount them outside of your window frames, the rod on which they get hanged up is completely secured to the wall, outside the window frame. People, most often, hang them outside the frame of their window because outside mounting makes the windows look larger than actually they are.

When the curtain got mounted outside the window frames, they give a luxurious look and works as a blockage of natural light, coming into your room, hence, providing you a complete, comfortable environment.

Inside Mounting Of Curtains

Inside mounting is not much common, but it has its own unique style. You can set your curtains inside the window frame only when the rod is secured inside the window frame, creating a wholly unique look, provides your room a more comfy feel.

Unlike outside mounting, the inside mounting of curtains does not provide you much privacy and doesn’t entertain you with a complete blackout in the room, but it has its own minimalist and modern look. Don’t ignore this step, as it is the base on which you are going to measure curtain size to enhance the beauty of your windows.

2. Determine The Length Of Your Curtain Rod

Before measuring the length of your curtains for the windows, measure the length of your curtain rods. Usually, curtain rods are 3 to 6 inches long. Also, decide where you going to fit your curtain rods, because where you install the curtain rods, obviously, affects the length of your curtain. You can install them either inside, below, or above the trim mount. And, choose a curtain rod with at least 1-inch thickness, strong enough to avoid inclination from the middle.

Installation Of Curtain Rods Inside The Trim Mount

If you are going to install the curtain rods inside the trim mount, then go for the one with optimal design and with protective end caps for a secure fit. For this modern style, your window treatments should be as wide as the interior of your window or slightly wider, not much, to gain a beautiful look.

Installation Of Curtain Rods Below The Trim Mount 

If the window has a beautiful and artistic molding on the top of it, then it is recommended to install the curtain rods just below the trim mount so that the beautifully designed top of the window could show off itself. Get the curtain rods 3 to 5 inches wide than the actual width of the window for a full look.

Installation Of Curtain Rods Above The Trim Mount

To get your curtain rods installed above the trim mount is the ideal choice to make. The higher you hang your curtain Dubai, the larger your window will look. But, it depends on the space between the top of your window and the ceiling. Ideally, your curtain should be hung almost 20 inches above your window frame to give an anesthetic and elongated look.

3. Measure The Width Of Your Window Treatments

Usually, the curtain width should be one to three inches wider than the actual width of your window frame. Measure the complete width of your window frame with a measuring tape. Then, add 1 to 3 inches into that actual width. Now, this should be the width of your curtains in order to gain a more luxurious look. Do this step with much care in order to measure curtain size perfectly.

4. Measure The Length Of Your Window Treatments

In order to get the measurement of your curtains that how long it should be, the ideal way is to measure it with a measuring tape from the top of the window or from the top inside corner of your window and bring it to the bottom of your window panel. Check the measurement and write it down. Or, you can measure it from the top and see what is the desired length of the curtain you want, then bring the measuring tape up to there and check the measurement,

Usually, the measurements are in inches. In addition, the perfect length measuring for the window treatments starts from at least 20 inches above the top of the window till the bottom of its panel. This is because, when you hang up your curtain above 20 inches from the top of the window, your window will give an esthetic look and adds charm to the beauty of your living place.

To Sum Up!!!

Now, you know how to perfectly measure curtain size for your home’s windows before making a purchase. Choose the most elegant and stylish but perfectly sized curtains to go with your windows, enhancing the beauty of your home interior, giving a much deluxe look.

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