3 Easy Steps How You Can Hang Curtains | Easy Guide 2024

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The essential element in the living spaces and rooms are curtains. This admiringly functional home accessory provides the homeowners with privacy, eliminates the scorching sunlight, optimizes the entire internal environment, helps you to get perfect sleep as well. They also boost up the looks and textures of your windows.

Hanging the curtains Dubai can be a very tricky task for sure but by the following tips and tricks, we will make it very much easy for you. The curtains will only suit any interior when they are installed using proper hanging techniques and proper measurements are taken then you can only make your window treatments perfect and complete a room in style.

3 Easy Steps How You Can Hang Curtains | Brief Guide 2021

Now Let’s move to the step-by-step guide of How You Can Hang Curtains?

Step 1: Measurement Of The Window Frame

(i) Firstly, for the hanging of your curtains, you should measure the length of your window properly. If you are planning to use a curtain rod, then you have to measure the curtains as well as the rod. This will help to make a proper idea about the exact length of your curtains. If you got such a window that is longer from one side then keep the measurement of the longer side,

(ii). In Case You Use a Curtain Rod

In case you are using a curtain rod for hanging the curtains then, add 4 inches. You have to add these 4 inches (10cm) above the frame of your window.

  • Bad Impact Of High Length Rod Installation

The maximum length of the hanging rod should be 8 inches and not over. If the length is more than this figure then it will make the curtains look more taller and awkward.

  • Blockage Of more Light

By adding 4 to 6 inches to the length of your curtains you can block more amount of light. By doing so, the curtains will drape down properly and block more light.

(iii). Measuring The Width Of The Window Frame

Note down the width of your window frame from the top, middle, and bottom by using a measuring tape. Always select the widest measurement if the measurements are not symmetrical.

(iv). Following Care Must Be Taken If Placing a Rod

  • You must have the proper knowledge of the depth of your frame.
  • Always buy such curtain rod that fits according to the depth of your frame.
  • Rod should be measurement-specific.
  • Your rod should not be much shorter or much longer.
  • Too long or too short both the situation will make your room look awkward.

Step 2: Select The Right Products Always

(i). Install Roller Shades To Avoid The Daylight

If you install roller blinds then it will make the environment of your room much better for a proper nap during the night. But it is certain that if you want to get enough light into your room then the roller shades are the best option. So the installation of these shades you do not usually need rods, these shades can be rolled up easily as well.

(ii). Only Rely On 100% Pure Quality Products

Always use 100% high-quality products for the best results because top-standard products will keep the looks of your rooms mesmerizing and will also last for a long time interval.

(iii). Replace The Thin Rod Of Your Curtains

If you are going to choose heavy curtains as compared to ordinary curtains then you have to replace the thin rod of your curtains. You have to change the rod with a stronger or sturdier one if you have a thin rod or if it is bowed from someplace.

Step 3: The Installing Methods Of Curtains

(i). Choose Appropriate Place For

Mark the place by using a pencil after putting it on the wall just according to the rod bracket. With the help of the drill make holes in the walls. Tightened the screws in the walls which are used to hold the brackets.

(ii). Leveling Tool Should Be Used For Proper Level Guidance

After screwing the rods fully tight into the wall, take a long rod or board and place them on the brackets. Then with the help of leveling tool for checking the level of your fitted brackets. And see whether it is accurate or not. You have to measure and mark again if any error is detected.

(iii). Use Plastic Wall Anchors For An Excellent Grip

You should use plastic wall anchors that will help for a perfect excellent grip. As some of the curtains come with wall anchors then use them. By using a hammer insert these anchors into the holes the guiding holes that you have drilled before. The curtains are less likely to fall down if they are installed using the wall anchors for best grip.

(iv). Screwing The Curtain Rod Brackets Tight

Screw tight the curtain rods in the walls where you have drilled the holes already. Always install the appropriate-sized screws and ensure that the curtain rod does not come out with the screws.

(v). Insert The Rod In the Holes Of Your New Curtains 

Place your curtains on the rod after the installation of the curtain rod. Insert the rod in the holes or eyelets of the curtains. Make sure that in the case of rings the rings must be in a similar direction and are not twisted.

The Final Step: Place The Rod On The Installed Brackets

Use a stepladder to reach the rod and curtains. Nowadays almost all rods hang on the bracket but some are put into the bracket as well. The way in which you will hang your curtains is definitely going to influence the whole place.


Blockoutcurtain.ae is here to give you a better guideline about your interior decorations. This is basically a window treatment article. If you hang your curtains in the way that is described in this writing then your room will give a more mesmerizing look. I hope this article will help you in How You Can Hang Curtains efficiently and properly.

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