7 Tips For Building The Perfect Home Theater Room

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When you are done with your house’s basic needs, you must want your entertainment needs to be fulfilled. As per our deep research, most people want to build a home theater room to get themselves entertained. Building the perfect home theater room will create a lavishing attraction to your space and make it worth appealing.

Talking about the home theater, let me make it clear that it is not just limited to placing the sofa in front of a big-screen TV, getting the lights off, and you are done. It is much more than this if you want a perfect home theater room. In order to fulfill this desire, here are some bewildering tips which, of course, will help you to transfer your ordinary space into a cool home theater place.

Your Simple Home Space into The Building the Perfect Home Theater Room

You can convert your flat-toned place into the most entertaining place by building a perfect home theater room, of course. The given below are some simple yet mandatory tips to help you out in the completion of this task. You will need some of the material of course, which is quite necessary for the building of a theater, and some consideration that you should take while doing all this procedure.

7 Tips for Building the Perfect Home Theater Room

1. Select A Resolute Place to Build the Perfect Home Theater Room

Selecting a resolute place means selecting that area of your home that is completely dedicated to playing video games or watching movies so that you could build the perfect home theater room without disturbing any other area of your living space. Because, if you create that home theater in any other room which is open for some other activities, the theater effect gets attenuated.

The place should be large enough to hold the projector effect so that you could experience the full entertainment at your home, without getting into the rush of going outside, buying the ticket, and then watching a movie. Also, the place should be quiet enough, i.e. if you convert your living area into the home theater, you won’t experience the real theater feel.

There may be the open kitchen, or the noise of kids which keeps you disturbed, obviously. That’s why it is mandatory to choose a resolute place to build the perfect home theater room and enjoy your movie time, either with friends or with family.

2. Control The Surrounding Light for A Better Effect

Controlling the light coming from the surroundings, i.e. windows, or other rooms, is the most compulsory step to be done while building a perfect home theater room. Try to block such lights for a better effect because these lights will create an unpleasant environment. Also, they can kill the projection images, thus lessening your whole experience of getting entertained.


A simple way to block out the lights coming from the windows is to install blackout curtains or drapes. They work efficiently in blocking the natural light and creating a complete blackout in your room. In this way, you can get out of the darkness and have more fun.

3. Control The Sound Coming From the Surroundings

Controlling the sound is as compulsory as controlling the light is. Because sound can also destroy the amazing experience of your perfect home theater room, or you won’t be able to get yourself entertained on that level which you want. Although you have selected a resolute place for this purpose, still the noise of kids or the annoying sound from the kitchen can ruin the overall theater effect.

To get yourself fully entertained, make sure to get that room soundproof by adding a layer of drywall. Other than this, you can install some heavy blackout curtains or drapes which can reduce the noise level and also entertain you by causing a complete blackout in your room. Moreover, you can replace your hollow-core door with solid doors, which will help to reduce the noise level and create a much more peaceful and comforting zone for you to have a movie night.

4. Remove All the Speculative Items

Coming forward, the next most important thing that should be done is the removal of all speculative objects present in that room which you want to be as a perfect home theater room. Removal of speculative items means removing the object which could reflect the light and become the reason for disturbance for your projectile image.

These items might include shiny door knobs, hinges, light fixtures, or countertops, etc. These are the things that should be avoided most probably between you and the screen so that you could have the complete entertainment experience at your home, enjoying your movie with your friends or family members. In addition, you could reduce the shine of these items by spraying a matter of color over them so that they won’t reflect the light(only if you can’t remove them).

5. Plan A Suitable Seating Arrangement

The most important thing while you are going to build a perfect home theater room is the seating arrangement. Because it is obvious, no one wants to sit at that place where he/she could not have a proper view, i.e. too far from the screen or too near to the screen. So, the seating arrangement should be ideal. Although, the problem of sitting too far from the screen can be solved by raising the rear seat.

Don’t place the seat too near to the screen so that the viewers might face difficulty while seeing and won’t be able to enjoy the movie, as well. In addition, there is no need to waste a lot of money buying those expensive theater chairs. Any chair will do the job, but make sure that seats must be comfortable enough and should face forward to the screen.

6. Limit The Audio Bouncing in Your Home Theater Room

You probably might know that audio in the theater room bounces around the wall, flooring, or ceiling, thus creating a disturbance while you were supposed to enjoy the movie without getting disturbed by anything. In order to fulfill the purpose of having a perfect home theater room, you should limit that audio bouncing, thus it is the key to having a fully entertained movie time with friends or family members without getting disturbed.

In order to limit that effect, install the wall-to-wall carpeting, place cushioning, install heavy curtains, i.e. drapes or other soft materials, because such items absorb that bouncing effect in a much more efficient way. Moreover, these items create a much more comfortable environment for you to enjoy the movie rather than hard furniture.

7 Tips for Building the Perfect Home Theater Room

7. Make A Selection between A Projector or A Smart Tv

In the end, decide whether you want a projector or a smart tv for your perfect home theater room. It all depends on your own preference. Go accordingly. If you like that big screening effect, i.e. a thick, single streak of lightning is falling on a screen from the projector, then go for it. On the other hand, if you are not a traditionalist, or want to go with some up-gradation, then installing a smart tv is recommended.

Obviously, both have their own pitfalls and benefits, there is no competition between them. So, you can easily select the one as per your preference. A projector is, although very expensive but the smooth effect that it gives, worth the money. On the contrary to this, a smart tv gets rid of the wires and connections but is connected with the Wi-Fi. So, when the signals drop, you will face interruptions in your movie, of course.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I will recommend using these tips if you really want to build a perfect home theater room for you to enjoy the movies and have an entertaining time with your friends or family members. These are quite simple and budget-friendly tips that are going to help you out in the completion of this task in such a perfect way.

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