How to Measure Windows for Blinds: A Comprehensive Guide

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Blinds are the most stylish window coverings that come in both traditional and modern styles to enhance the decor of your living spaces. Window blinds are the most practical and highly versatile way to dress up your windows. No matter what type of window blind you choose for your home decor depending on the controlling options and privacy aspects, it is mandatory to have accurate window dimensions for shopping blinds.

Despite the adjustable nature of window blinds, for perfect-level decor and fit-to-size window coverings, measuring the parameters of windows is necessary. It might seem easy but it takes various key points to consider depending on the fabric or wooden materials and style of the windows in your rooms. In this article, we have come up with the easiest ways to measure windows for blinds installation with pinpoint accuracy.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Measure Your Windows For Blinds

Windows in each home are specifically designed and are different in styles and sizes. So, not every blind can adjust to the size of your arched and bay windows. It is always advised to hire professionals to precisely measure the widow dimension, but for a DIY project, you can rely on the easy tips mentioned below.

1. Type Of Window

Type Of Window

Measuring windows on your own requires some tools and equipment that must be handy for a hassle-free process. The supplies include measuring tape, a ruler, a pencil, a notebook or paper, and a ladder. After you grab all the mandatory tools, there comes the working step.

The window type of your room can be circular, arched, bay, or unusual-shaped based on which the measurement may vary. Another aspect of the measurement that can result in a change in the window size is the mounted ceiling, oversized windows, and sliding or patio doors.

2. Outside Or Inside Of The Recess

Outside Or Inside Of The Recess of Windows

The most important aspect here is to decide on the internal or external mount. Deciding on the location of the blinds is requisite to prevent upcoming issues later. It simply means you should check properly within the recess that there is not any obstacle including the fixtures, handles, or sockets that could interrupt the opening and closing of blinds.

For a perfect room finish and functional needs, check on the direction of your windows whether they are east or west-facing. Inside the recess will make a room appear congested while outside mounting will make it look spacious.

3. Measure The Width

Measure The Width

After making a decision about the window blinds style and inside or outside mount, take measuring tape and firstly measure the width of the blinds. While measuring the width for the outside of the recess, make sure to leave a flat space of about two inches from each side.

For external mounting, you will need a headrail above the window frame while for the internal mount, you can use drywall anchors or screws. You can note down the actual or extended width of the windows on a piece of paper with a pencil. When measuring the window parameters, always indicate the width measurement at first.

4. Measure The Length

Measure The Length

After width, there comes the measurements of the height of windows in a space. Measuring the depth of the windows is comparatively easier than the width. To measure the height of the windows, you will need to take measurements from 3 points including the left, center, and right sides.

For width, you should select the shortest width from the top, middle, and bottom after measurement. While for the measurements for window drop, select the longest measurement to buy blinds.

5. Double Check The Measurements

Double Check The Measurements

Make sure to note down each of the lengths and widths of windows in your rooms to have a clear idea about the right size of the blinds. Write all three heights and widths, and choose the longest and shortest one respectively.

Also for the outside of the recess blinds, don’t forget to write the extended width. Double-check all the sizing parameters for the windows, so that your investment won’t go to waste afterwards.

6. Decide On Ready-Made Or Custom Blinds

Decide On Ready-Made Or Custom Blinds

Ready-made blinds often come in standard lengths and widths. But you can match the window dimensions with the variable range of sizes available for blinds in the market.

For the tailored to perfection and accurately fitting blinds for your windows, it is better to shop for custom-designed blinds. You can get help from the designers and experts at any point to buy the best fit.

Measurements Tips Based On The Type Of Window Blinds

Fabric Material Window Blinds

Fabric Material Window Blinds

For fabric blinds like roller, Roman, and blackout ones you can easily measure the dimensions of the windows as they can be styled with extended length and width. Get accurate measurements for the complete window coverage.

Wooden Blinds

For horizontal and vertical wooden blinds, you have to think about the two main aspects. You have to choose the outside mount for windows with existing trim and windows with no trim. An outside mount is recommended for the wooden blinds to have no obstructions in between.

Wooden Blinds

Measuring Valances

Valances are decorative pieces for window treatments that can be measured easily. To measure valance, measure the window width from one side to another, then the depth from the opening front to the window glass.


Measuring your windows for blinds is the first-ever step that should be undertaken before the blinds purchase. Whether you want to shop for custom-designed blinds online or look for ready-made, taking measurements is crucial to ensure that your blinds will fit perfectly on the windows. You can get the expert assistance of professionals to precisely measure your windows as per the blinds styles, length, width, and fabric materials. If it is DIY, decide on the inside or outside mount and note down the measurements on the paper while making sure to double-check before ordering fit-to-size and requirement blinds for your homes.

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