How Do Blackout Curtains Make the Room Completely Dark?

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The most popular option for darkening a space is blackout curtains. These curtains are made from triple fabric weave to provide exceptional privacy and a darkening effect to your places. They are ideal for installation in bedrooms, theaters, nurseries, dark rooms, media rooms, and hospitals. Blackout drapes are made to completely prevent light from entering your space.

These curtains come with a foam-backed fabric that restricts light penetration into your rooms. These curtains are made from premium cotton and polyester blend fabrics. The use of heavy microfiber with blackout lining offers a 100% cut-out of light and adds privacy to your space. If you are curious about how blackout curtains make the room completely dark, read this writing until the end.

Factors That Affect the Effectiveness Of Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are renowned for effectively blocking artificial street or car lights at night and sunlight during the day. Although the tightly woven and double-lined fabric can blackout a whole room, some factors can affect the functionality of these curtains, so you must be considerate about these when you are purchasing or installing blackout curtains.

1. The Size Of The Window

The Size Of The Window

When buying blackout curtains, take precise measurements of your room windows. Measure the length and width of the windows using the measuring tape, and in case you forget, you can note down the size parameters on a notebook or paper.

You must purchase curtains with extended widths to make your rooms completely dark. The width of curtains must be 15-25% additional than the width of the windows so that light cannot enter through the seams and gaps.

2. The Direction Of The Window

The Direction Of The Window

The other thing that directly impacts the effectiveness of blackout curtains is the direction of the windows. The window’s direction, whether east or west-facing, must be covered in the specific timings.

You must cover the east-facing windows early in the morning to block ear dawn light, and don’t forget to cover the windows in the afternoon when the windows are east facing to avoid the direct glare.

3. The Color Of The Curtains

The Color Of The Curtains

The color of the curtains not only affects the appearance of the cheap rooms but can also majorly contribute to the room’s darkening factor. Although they are made from highly thick fabrics, the selection of colors can affect the room’s ambiance.

To give your rooms a complete blackout effect, you must choose dark-colored curtains. Purchasing dark-colored curtains like black and navy blue will make your room dark.

4. The Thickness Of The Curtains

The Thickness Of The Curtains

The manufacturing aspect of these curtains makes a great difference in blocking light, adding privacy, and providing thermal insulation to any room. The thickness of blackout curtains can be different with different manufacturing fabrics.

However, the blackout lining of these curtains and the use of 100% polyester and cotton lining overall make these curtains heavier and thick enough to cut out the sun and artificial exterior lights.

The Pros and Cons of Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains will offer you various irresistible benefits and features but also some drawbacks to having them. Let’s go through the merits of purchasing blackout curtains for your rooms.

Pros Of Blackout Curtains

Improved Sleep Quality

These curtains are the primary option for getting a restful nap during the day and calm sleep at night. Blackout curtains must be installed in homes with night shift workers. These curtains prevent the light not to disrupt the melatonin hormones that naturally awake the sleep, and you feel comfort and coziness and get to sleep immediately.

Pros Of Blackout Curtains

Better Room Temperature Control

Blackout curtains are the popular choice to control the room temperature and offer high-end insulation. These curtains trap the heat inside during winter and don’t allow heat to enter the room when it is the summer season. So, they majorly help to regulate the room temperatures.

Improved Security & Privacy

These curtains are the best choice to opt for when it comes to home security and privacy. The heavier fabric of these curtains when floating over the floors, doesn’t let the insects enter the room. You can block the outside view and peeking eyes of the neighbors by closing these curtains. They offer enhanced privacy, as even passersby cannot see an inside view of the room.

Cons Of Blackout Curtains

Reduced Natural Light

Blackout curtains are specifically designed not to let in light to a room. However, it counts in the drawback of these curtains is that they reduce the natural light in rooms. You can pair these curtains with white sheers to brighten up your spaces.

Cons Of Blackout Curtains

Increased Cost

The prices of these curtains are relatively higher than other curtain types, but when you compare them with their benefits, you will know that they are worth the investment in blackout curtains.

Reduction In Room Aesthetic

Blackout curtains are a functional decor choice for any space than offers aesthetical appeal. For styling, you can use these curtains and sheers to give a contemporary look.

Alternative Solutions to Blackout Curtains

Some solutions that can alternatively be used in place of blackout curtains are:

Heavy Curtains Or Drapes

As an alternative solution to blackout curtains, you can use heavier drapes or curtains in your rooms with blackout lining.

Blinds Or Shades

Blinds Or Shades

Blackout blinds and shades are the more functional decor to offer privacy and block light.

Window Film

Installing window film on the window’s glass can give your rooms a dark effect in no time.

External Solutions, Such As Awnings Or Shutters

Some of the external window coverings solutions include the installation of shutters and awnings that excellently control the exterior light.

To Wind Up!

Blackout curtains are the most renowned window covering treatment used to blackout a room because they are made from heavier and tightly woven fabrics to offer excellent light control. If you want to know that these curtains can make the room completely dark, then you should know that they are designed to make the room completely dark by blocking the light penetration into space.

Besides, you should be careful to purchase blackout curtains based on size, color, and thickness, as it can affect the effectiveness of these curtains. In this guide, you will also learn about some alternative solutions to enhance the effectiveness of blackout curtains, along with their pros and cons.

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