Do Vertical Blinds Go Inside Or Outside the Window?

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Vertical blinds are the most contemporary window hangings with multiple slats to cover your windows stylistically. These blinds go well with residential, local, and formal places because of their distinctiveness and trendsetting appearance. As these blinds are easy to operate and convenient to clean and maintain, people tend to use them for their home and office improvement.

Besides the functionality and versatility of these blinds, the notable factor here is the way of installation. These blinds can be fitted inside or outside of your interiors according to the framing of your windows. However, it creates a larger impact on the durability and appearance of these blinds. If you want to know whether vertical blinds should go inside or outside of your windows, keep reading this piece of creation.

Two Ways to Style Up Your Vertical Blinds | Inside & Outside Mount

Now that you have chosen vertical blinds for your home improvement according to your choice of colors and interior aesthetics. Whether you are adorning an old room for renovation or installing the blinds for the first time, you probably decide whether vertical blinds should go inside or outside the window frame.

Well, it’s not bounded, and you can fit them in both ways. By going through this guide, you can choose the mount because we have covered both inside and outside the recess.

Perks Of Installing Vertical Blinds Inside Of The Mount

Perks Of Installing Vertical Blinds Inside Of The Mount

Blinds give a streamlined and minimalist look when installed inside the mount. If you want to create a focal point to highlight the trim of the windows, you should opt for the inside recess. Although, the most common way to install vertical blinds is within the casing of windows. When fitting these blinds inside the frame, the brackets are installed at the inside top corner of each window.

If you want the blinds not to catch the drapes of your rooms, installing the verticals inside the windows makes sense. Besides that, blinds give a unified look, and you may get a stream of light through the windows upon installing inside the frames. Inside mount is an idea for rooms with small windows and crowded places.

Other Considerations For Inside Mounting

But when you fit the blinds inside the recess, ensure there are no obstacles that can disrupt the flow of blinds. These hurdles can be the window winders or window sills that can block the way of opening blinds. If there’s valance, it could extend outside the window, and blinds may not fit perfectly to the window’s dimensions. Other obstacles like handles, locks, and cracks are notable factors when installing blinds.

Perks Of Installing Vertical Blinds Outside The Window

Perks Of Installing Vertical Blinds Outside The Window

You may have noticed the vertical blinds being installed outside the mount as they give the best coverage and make the room and windows appear more prominent. They offer the ultimate flexibility when installing the blinds outside the windows. You can extend the size of the blinds above, below, and side of your window frames.

Fitting these blinds outside the recess is undoubtedly a great choice to hide the unattractive window trim or odd-shaped windows. The best perk outside the window is to enjoy the full exterior view by sliding them to the side. On closing the blinds, you can block the sunlight and get additional privacy with this approach. Installing vertical blinds will clear the obstacles as you don’t have to think about the locks, window type, sills, and winders.

Other Considerations For Outside Mounting

Like inside mount, you must be cautious when styling your blinds outside the windows. Although your blinds will go naturally with the design of the windows if your room is not spacious and windows are small, going with an outside window frame will not give a well-balanced look. This is because windows may look very large according to the space. Anyhow, vertical blinds give a graceful look on installing outside of the windows.

To Sum Up!

Choosing the correct mounting position for your window coverings dramatically impacts the appearance and room interior. This guide covers the two essential aspects of hanging the windows, and you can select them according to your choice, space requirement, window dimensions, and styling needs.

Blinds will fit close to the window if you want to give your spaces a tidier look and a perfect finish. While installing vertical blinds outside of the recess will offer maximum light control to come your place and makes the windows look more prominent.

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